Authenticity is the greatest luxury a visit to Brazil’s picturesque and historic Bahia state can offer. 

And no place delivers the experience like Trancoso’s Quadrado, its car-free, UNESCO-protected town square. 

Half UXUA’s casas here date back 500-years to the village’s founding. They were restored by designer Wilbert Das in collaboration with local artisans using traditional techniques and reclaimed materials.
These casas have a soul, each with legends and family history, every detail uniquely crafted by caring hands.
UXUA’s rustic beach lounge, Almescar Spa, Quadrado restaurant and 5-star service complete the perfect holiday.

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Visit the car free unesco protected town square of transcoco.

Stay in the luxury uxua casa and spa, in a transformed 500 year old village hut and explore the town's 8 famed beaches

An early evening dip in the pool

Learn how to make bobo with a private chef

Bobo is a traditional Bahian shrimp stew

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There are 50,000 different flowering varieties in Brazil, a few live at Uxua

Casa da Árvore treehouse

Casa da Árvore is a treehouse, a true original made from fallen trees and reclaimed wood of old farms, topped by a traditional thatched roof

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Antique rural gamela

Antique rural gamela (wooden trough) with hand-made ceramic tiles forming soap shelf with drinking glasses, on rough steel frame base.

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Rio Trancoso

One of Trancoso’s most popular swim and sun spots.

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Take a bath among crystals

Some say a bath among crystals can deliver the mythical ‘fountain of youth’. We’ll chose to believe it - and have 40,000 green aventurine quartz crystals ready

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Casa Mirante

Nearly 500-years ago Jesuits arrived in what they regarded as the new world. Hoping to earn favor of their god, they built a church and mission on a majestic hilltop overlooking the ocean in what is now Trancoso. Rainforest still arrives nearly to the door of the church, and hidden among those trees is a rustic retreat known as Casa Mirante (house of the overlook).

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