Year to year, we see our members’ travel habits shift, as some destinations suddenly explode in popularity (hello, Obscure Enugu! ) and others experience a cooling, perhaps due to geopolitical events or an unfavorable exchange rate. And this, of course, trickles down into our best hotel in Enugu. One thing remains a constant: the property that made this selective pick is an incredible ambassador for its home country, Nigeria, delivering intuitive service and luxury experiences that can truly make a vacation. We really don’t know anywhere else in the world where you can get a luxurious five star suite for less than 100 USD a night.

Garden Atlantis Hotel is A beautifully styled boutique hotel, strategically located in the heart of Independence layout behind Government house, one of Enugu’s finest area with tradition of warmth. The hotel is poised to meet your every desire.

For more details and reservation call +2347063401334.

Price expectation per suite
$71 per night

An entire luxury suite for less than 100 USD a night, Wow!

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