You’ll certainly need a professional just to change the light bulbs in this get up.

For 3 Million USD is it worth it ? Lets find out


That kinda price for a house that has half a dozen other properties a few metres away from it?

Flooding Concerns due to the proximity of the lagoon. House could be the perfect titanic scene If the lagoon gets pissed off.

Building itself doesn’t scream luxury

Kinda looks like an office building

Lazy design for a freaking amazing water front property

Neighborhood leaves a lot to be desired. Banana island should have its own development association that would make sure the place is actually very different from the rest of Lagos, in terms of representation.

It would be great to plant some trees on the property for some nice landscaping. That is something very important that is missing, and considering the fact that Lagos is sunny and hot, some trees would be nice even in the parking section.

When it rains at the rooftop, how will the water drain off? That’s a concern here

Why is The lady’s makeup table so tiny?

Not enough space between the close by houses

Nigeria still lacks infrastructure, security, shopping malls of extreme luxury, electricity! Price seems much.

For three million we would expect more from the Kitchen.

For three million we would expect a Sauna, steam and gym room.

Neighbors can definitely see your private garden

The finishing is poor, tiles a bit dull

Can get this in other more beautiful countries for a whole lot less

This is what a similar amount will get you in California

This is what a whole lot less will get you in South Africa

Now would you buy this banana island three million dollar lagos mansion?



Paying 3 million USD for a home in Africa without a gym, sauna or steam room is it worth it?

Source: @tayoainafilms

The Kitchen

Source: @tayoainafilms

The proximity of the nearby homes

Source: @tayoainafilms

The let down exterior

Source: @tayoainafilms

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