Bad affluent boys are so inconsistent.

A rich man who will never marry you when he doesn’t want to deal with the drama of having to provide for you. He is too busy living the high life, and has no time for a wife.

This unserious affluent man will never marry you because he has expensive tastes and extravagant habits. He is used to living in luxury, and doesn’t want to give up his lifestyle just so he can have a wife.
Are you fooling yourself by staying in this relationship and waiting for a happy end, while all you will probably get is a broken heart and wasted time? And yes, ladies, there are red flags in men that show that he will never commit!

I was 15 when my father told me these two things: 1. Always respect yourself 2. Be brave to make difficult decisions. This is all you need.

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If he’s into you’ll know it. And if he’s not you’ll be confused.

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