I am a 42 year old lady, happily married with a high caliber man, after many unfortunate relationships. The key for me to change my attitude was therapy. I believe very much in the power of therapy It is a life changing experience. I am tired of women saying it is very expensive, while they spend their money on expensive bags or shoes. Therapy is the ultimate investment we can do in ourselves!

There are ways on how you can become that woman that men simply find too irresistible to leave. And that’s exactly what I will be teaching you in this video!

Slay Tips

Set Boundaries
2. Allow him to be vulnerable
3. Get rid of those insecurities
4. Get a life
5. Nurture him without being doormat
6. Therapy

Why Men Love Bitches” is a great book going hand in hand with this topic. The title is funny, yes, and it has some great truths about, as per the video, setting boundaries, and feeling empowered to enforce them. A favorite quote from that book about enforcing boundaries: “A man does not respond to words, a man responds to no contact”. PERIOD. When a man crosses the line, become gone! This will ensure you do not stick around for bad treatment, and it excersizes your boundary muscles ladies

Till the next slay time!

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A man does not respond to words, a man responds to no contact PERIOD

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