When you level up, you are treated better. In this video you will learn the mistakes women make that show Men they are not elite.

After i got in shape and my skin got clearer Men open doors for me and offer me favours that i didn’t even ask for and i was never treated that nicely before. Even girls treat me better than before. People will respect you if you respect yourself and if you respect yourself it’s reflected in your appearance.

Any woman can look attractive. I saw radical changes in attractiveness of women when they started wearing the right colours for their skin and hair colour. A little makeup can take the eye away from imperfections – even large ones. A relaxed, confident smile goes such a long way.

Things to focus on for sure
Personal appearance
Fashion how you dress
Beauty grooming
Body shape
Personal branding
Image development
You are the creator of yourself
The seeds we plant today will manifest in the future
Beauty is very high value in high society
Like attracts like

A quote from my pastor growing up that my parents and I still laugh about. Someone asked him if it’s okay for women to wear makeup (back in the day this particular church was quite conservative). His response: “if the barn needs paintin’, paint it!

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Real talk: When you look good and clean, people do treat you better. People open up more. Men act like gentlemen. It's crazy.

Being a high caliber woman helps also to be taken more seriously in your job too. When you are in your best shape people see you differently but also you feel more confident.

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