I’ve set 2022 as my levelling up year so here’s my morning routine:
1. Daily gospel as my meditation to keep me rooted, emotionlly stable etc.
2. Hydrate
3. Take a cold shower to really wake my body up
4. Breakfast with coffee for fuel and as a me time
5. Glam up for work.
6. My mind is ready then that’s the time i check on my to do list and program my mind for the day ahead

Today, I’m revealing the top morning habits of elegant ladies that will help you become more productive and successful each day!

Till the next slay time!

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I do as much as possible the night before: pick out an outfit, arrange my to do list in categories (batching), soak my oats for breakfast, and prep my yoga room. Morning routine: prayer, make bed, exercise, meditate, breakfast, study scriptures, dress. Then I’m ready to EAT THE FROG!

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