What gives away your true class? Your behavior. You might have money, but the way you act will.

Having good manners is about putting other people at ease and respecting other people and not making them feel awkward. This applies very much to the hotel staff.

I much prefer having small talk with the server and focusing on their presence. Signing the bill helps them get the job done faster and i’m sure they appreciate it. I often say oh that looks amazing, thank you so much with encouraging words like, this is perfect etc.. and I might comment on how much i’m enjoying the hotel. I think they like that their workplace is appreciated because they are part of the larger team. I don’t think you should worry too much about giving away your power, but being nice is always classy and the person will always remember you in a good light, and this is what you want. In my experience when you are nice to the staff, they tell each other and by the end of your stay, you will get many more smiles and a little more effort to make your stay comfortable.

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Classy people are kind and helpful to those that are serving them

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