Here are our top complication watch picks today for extreme luxury watch lovers.

Pick 1
Pont des Amoureux Watch

Born out of a love story, the designers have always paid homage to beautiful romances. The tradition continues in watches whose dials bring the fairytale world of the jeweler to life.
Poetic Complications Collection, Pont des Amoureux Watch. 38 mm white gold case; white gold bezel with round diamonds; grisaille enamel dial; white gold sculpted bridge. White gold crown with a round diamond. Shiny white alligator strap; white gold pin buckle with round diamonds. DEF, IF to VVS diamonds. Manual-winding mechanical movement (JLC846), equipped with an Agenhor retrograde module, 30 hour power reserve. Numbered and unlimited edition.

Concierge Price: £220,400

Pick 2

Midnight Planétarium Watch

Poetic Complications watches provide a unique vision of time, in which craft skills combine with technical prowess to bring stories to life. Their intricate mechanisms offer precious moments of emotion, marked by the distinctive imagination of the creators.
Poetic Complications Collection, Midnight Planétarium Watch. 44 mm pink gold case. Pink gold bezel, baguette-cut diamonds. Aventurine dial, pink gold sun and shooting star, serpentine Mercury, chloromelanite Venus, turquoise Earth, red jasper Mars, blue agate Jupiter, sugilite Saturn. Pink gold crown with round diamond, sapphire case back. Matte black alligator strap with pink gold folding clasp, round diamonds. Automatic mechanical movement (Stern Manufacture), equipped with a Christiaan Van der Klaauw module, 48 hour power reserve. Numbered and unlimited edition.
The Midnight Planetarium watch offers the fascinating possibility of wearing the universe on your wrist. The dial reproduces the Sun in miniature, together with the six planets visible to the naked eye: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Earth. Thanks to an exclusive module, each planet moves on its own disc according to its real-life rotation time.

Concierge Price: €588,000


Pick 3
Ruban Secret Saphirs Roses Watch

Like soul mates, couture and High Jewelry come together in a universe characterized by the transmission of savoir-faire and the quest for fluidity and elegance.
Ruban Secret Saphirs Roses Watch. 14 x 17 mm case, pink gold; pink gold dial, round pink sapphires; pink gold bracelet and bow, round diamonds, round pink sapphires; DE/VVS diamonds; quartz movement; repetitive piece.

Concierge Price: €626,000


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It doesn't get more complicated

Pont des Amoureux Watch

Follow the fairy on a poetic journey

Intricate Mechanisms

Midnight Planétarium Watch

Couture and High Jewelry come together

Ruban Secret Saphirs Roses Watch

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