There are places and then there’s this Magical Fairytale of a place. The tiny town of Giethoorn looks like it was taken out of a storybook but it’s real we assure you. The enchanted neighborhood is built upon a network of canals. This is mostly a car free zone, yes you heard right, boat is the main mode of transport as the canals are right in front of most people’s doorsteps here.

It has a population of only 2600 people and very little tourism. On its website it says the loudest sound you can ever here is the quacking of a duck or the noise of other birds. If your looking to getaway from the mania of this world or your a writer and having writers block or you just want a quiet romantic place with your partner alone this is the place! Even the postman apparently delivers mail by punt.

It is accessible by car from Amsterdam and has a lot of beautiful B&Bs. We recommend De Lidenhof, it is small and intimate with one of the best gardens in Giethoorn. The bedrooms are extremely spacious and luxurious. They also have a lovely 6 course tasting menu which includes red mullet, Zander, pigeon and fabulous desserts. The wine matching is also extremely good. The service at De Lindenhof is really professional.

A fairytale place

The canal passes through most door steps

Truly a sight to behold

De Lidenhof

Beautiful gardens

Inside De Lidenhof

Sometimes simplicity is best

Amazing food, great service

Great place to clear the mind and purge the soul

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