Who else wants the most beautiful hair money can buy???

I have that typically super baby fine Scandinavian hair. I remember one time my Asian friend (she had super thick coarse straight shiny hair) was braiding my hair and she got so aggravated and she was pulling and I told her to stop cause I could HEAR my hair snapping. She told me my hair was too tangly and too thin and I was HURT. And the best part is that people tell you, “use coconut oil….” is that a JOKE?! Nothing is gonna fix these genes honey 😂😂😂
I had tape-ins and unfortunately it made me lose more hair. And I had to BLOW DRY it everyday cause again just like you my scalp was nasty greasy (worse for me cause I’m a natural blond and blond roots get dirty SO FAST)
This past year I have def had a hair makeover!! Here’s some tips for the modern gal:
1. Go to the salon and get a BLUNT straight across cut. Girl I can’t tell you how many times these stylists cut layers in my hair. All layers do is thin out the hair and they take 10 years to grow out. Get all one even length!
2. Instead of blow drying your hair from start to finish, get outta the shower, get dressed, do makeup, then blow dry. You’ll still get a glossy voluminous blow out but less heat.
3. I have some HOLY GRAIL products that literally have changed my hair game:
– batiste dry shampoo (actually absorbs oil)
– aveda thickening tonic (the best hair product, literally makes each strand of hair feel thicker)
– olaplex!! (Helps split ends!!)

Sorrry this is super super long but I’m PASSIONATE about this topic!! No one ever talks about it cause most girls don’t have this thin of hair. And everyone takes their hair for granted lol . Good luck with your hair … Always be looking like a billion dollars babe you deserve it!!!❤️❤️❤️

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