While Nassau is home to big resorts and trendy restaurants, The Exumas have a much more laid-back vibe, the type of place where some inhabited cays only have one local restaurant and everyone knows each others’ name.

Looking for a true tropical paradise? Visit The Exumas for the ultimate escape. There’s so much more than just the pigs.
See why the world’s most famous stars visit The Exumas again and again.

With sapphire-blue water everywhere, The Exumas are an exotic collection of dream destinations. Footprint-free beaches and ultraexclusive resorts and islands fit for celebrities make this tropical paradise an absolute gem. Here, nature outnumbers man, coastlines remain flawless and private homes play host to some of the world’s most famous stars. The Exumas truly are the ultimate escape.

What Makes The Exumas Unique

The Exumas are an archipelago of 365 cays and islands, beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau. Once called Yumey and Suma (names of Amer-Indian origin), the islands have gone through many changes over the years. Today, they’re divided into three major areas—Great Exuma, Little Exuma and The Exuma Cays. Each offers its own unique Bahamian experience. Great Exuma and Little Exuma are known for their laid-back surroundings, while The Exuma Cays act as a playground for the rich and famous, boasting numerous private homes, luxury resorts and beachside condos. The Exumas are also rich in history, as they were settled by British Loyalists with their slaves following the American Revolution.

Here’s just a few things you can do when you spend a few nights in The Exumas:
* Spend a night in Georgetown at a historic hotel
* Take a powerboat trip and see the pigs
* Take the water taxi to Stocking Island for amazing fresh conch
* Eat a whole fish at Eddie’s Edgewater Grill
* Go to a dance party at Chat ‘n Chill

Meet the adorable and famous Swimming Pigs. This is one thing you can’t miss while you’re here. Visit Pig Beach and get a selfie with the #swimmingpigs—they’re even cuter in person!

If you’re staying in Nassau or The Exumas, you can easily book a day trip to see the swimming pigs. Your adventure includes a boat tour through The Exuma Cays.
Get ready to fall in love with The Exumas for its pristine waters, flawless coastlines, and endless natural beauty.

Here’s a typical day trip through The Exuma Cays:
* Feed Bahamian rock iguanas
* Visit Blowhole Beach
* Stop for lunch on Staniel Cay
* See the pigs 
* Pet a stingray and hold a starfish
* Snorkel in the Out Islands

About the Pigs
How did the pigs get to Pig Beach? We don’t know for sure. Big Major Cay is uninhabited and the pigs are not native to the island. Some say they were left by a group of sailors, who planned to come back and cook them. Or that the pigs swam over from a shipwreck nearby.

Wherever they came from, there are now about 20 pigs and piglets on Pig Beach. With daily visits from Bahamians and tourists, the pigs are living the easy life on Big Major Cay.

Rates To book a tour to see the pigs

Tour – $160.00 per person.
Full Day Charter – $1,400.00 (small boat)
Full Day Charter – $2,400.00 (large boat) / Half Day Charter – $800.00

Queen’s Highway
Barraterre, Great Exuma
The Exumas

Contact Information:
Mr. Clayton Patterson Smith
(242) 355-5077
Email: capt.patfourcs@exumawatertours.com


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