We already don’t have enough time in our lives, then we add building a business on top of working full time.  
So we need to have tools and resources to help build our business.  
When you think of tools and resources, what you really need to think about is that resources, when building your business online, is leverage. 
Creating leverage in your business is going to help you condense time and expedite your results. 
I am going to be talking about where to find resources to create leverage and maximize your time and efforts when building your business online. 

There are three pillars on how to build a successful business online using social media. 
1. You need to continue to grow your network every single day.
2. You need to build relationships with that network that creates influence.
3. You promote your products or opportunity to that network.
If you do this then instead of people running away you will have people raising their hand and asking you for information constantly.
This happens by showing up in your business every single day. 

One of the top resources to use is Google Docs. 
This is a great way for you to organize your content. 
It is a great way to repurpose your content, to always have something that you can plan ahead so you can just grab it when needed. 
If you feel like you don’t have time to get into Google Docs or it feels overwhelming, take the time to learn it and do it.
Make it a priority because once you do you will see how it actually frees up some of your time.
Create a file and make a plan for the week. You can create different topics that you want to post for the week. 
And then you start collecting and making notes of all your content you have created to help you repurpose and constantly have something to help you stay consistent and post every day.

The next resource is using recording, streaming and live video platforms to get yourself out there. 
You want to get your videos out there. 
Right now video is the most powerful form of content that you can put out there. 
One of the tools we use for videos that is a game changer is Streamyard.
You can use it to stream live or you can record your video and set it to stream at a certain time, and it can go to multiple platforms. 
So it’s like you are in all of those places at once. 
You can create and shoot a couple of videos over the weekend and schedule them for the week. 
And then you don’t have to spend time during the week figuring it out, its done. 

One of my favorite tools, that is unique because our team created it, is SLAYLEBRITY VIP SOCIAL NETWORK. 
This resource will help you leverage your time and 10X your efforts. 
We all know that we need to build relationships to build influence. But who has all the time in the world to be creating content regularly.
That’s where this tool comes in. 
It automates and will create content on a profile you create on the platform and it can have links to your business opportunities or links to an opportunity we will share with you shortly.

We have so many leaders crushing it by using this tool, while saving time and getting more done. 
If you are not implementing resources inside your business to help you leverage your time and maximize your efforts, you are going to want to start doing it now. 
If you want more information on how SLAYLEBRITY VIP SOCIAL NETWORK can help you create leverage and automation inside your business, LEARN MORE HERE








In online business leverage is your formidable weapon

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