Rolls-Royces doesn’t really do crazy paint but it still offers some stunning shades.
Rolls-Royce builds the ultimate luxury car. The cheapest model, the Ghost, starts at just under $300,000, so there really isn’t such a thing as an “affordable” one.

As a Rolls-Royce customer, you would expect the company to offer some amazingly expensive paint options that make “normal” car paint look like cheap garbage. Yet most people order their Rolls in conservative shades of white or black. That is why we have compiled a list of our favorite Rolls Royce colors that are a bit more fun.

The first color that we picked is purple. Bright purple is a bit ridiculous, so we picked a nice dark hue. Rolls-Royce has had so many paint jobs over the years, with some of its shades taking on names like Roman Purple and Purple Haze. Personally, we would match our purple Rolls with a very light-colored interior. We think that a dark hue looks unique but also keeps things classy. Even if it’s not your style, you can’t deny that a purple Rolls-Royce is an excellent way to get noticed, which may or may not be your goal.

Our next color is maroon. Specifically we have chosen the amazing paint on the Phantom Dragon Edition. This China-only special edition features dark red paint with hand-painted gold dragons on the side. The car sold for more than $1.2 million and is filled with red leather with yellow stitching. In China, red is the color of luck, and we absolutely love the amazing color on the Dragon Edition. The paint looks incredibly expensive with flakes of gold, and hand-painting dragons on the side couldn’t have be easy. Like purple, bright hues look a bit ridiculous on a Rolls-Royce so we love that the Dragon Edition stuck with a darker color. The bright red interior is a nice contrast for this awesome special edition car.

Bright colors aren’t commonly chosen by the luxury English automaker, but occasionally the company comes out with a really nice bright color. Back in 2014, that was certainly the case with Rolls-Royce’s bright blue. Motor Trend even tested one against a Bentley Continental and it was then that we fell in love with the color combination. This blue looks a bit like a French color to us, and despite that we still love it. We have seen the Ghost painted in this blue, but the Wraith and Dawn would probably look amazing in this color as well.
You have to be a very flashy individual to buy a bright yellow Rolls. We particularly love the yellow color on a convertible model so that you can draw even more attention to yourself. A yellow Phantom can be seen parked on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, a hub for excess. A yellow Rolls-Royce was even the car of choice for the one and only Great Gatsby. If you want to pretend that you’re a legendary bootlegger from the 1920s, there’s no better way to do it than with a yellow convertible Rolls-Royce.

Salamanca Blue is arguably the best color choice for any Rolls-Royce, especially when matched with the brushed aluminum hood and roof. Salamanca Blue is a pretty common color on Rolls, probably because of how good it looks. There’s nothing crazy about the color, yet it stands out more (and is equally as elegant as) black and white.

Our verdict

White Exterior and orange combo is for sure the Shiznit!

Let us know in the comments whether you agree with our list. What is your favorite color for a Rolls Royce?

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There really isn't such a thing as an affordable Rolls Royce!

Even if loud is not your style you can’t deny that this Color combination is the shiznit!

Sometimes safe is your thing

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