Commonly known as golden anniversary, a 50th anniversary is a celebration of love’s resilience and versatility. Treat it right with a fitting gift. 50th wedding anniversaries should be well-celebrated. Traditionally for the 50th anniversary, men gave their wives a wreath or gold necklace, however we highly recommend something more unique and bespoke that can’t be easily replicated or found.

In the same context a 50th birthday is not one to be messed it. A befitting gift is definitely required to mark this humongous milestone.

This slay billionaire Dom Perignon champagne bottle is perfect for either one of these events and is guaranteed to impress your recipient.


0.75CL: $8639
1.5 L: $15,185
6L: $50545
All prices include complimentary worldwide shipping.


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A 50th anniversary or birthday gift should be more than impressive

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