Get ready to be enlightened by the creme de la creme of the dining world, because I’m about to drop the names of the absolute best fine dining restaurants I smashed in 2023. We’re not talking about your average, run-of-the-mill eateries where you grab a bite; we’re diving into the temples of gastronomy where every bite is a taste of nirvana.

Boury, Roeselare, Belgium – When I walked into Boury, I knew I was in for a culinary showdown. And guess what? The chefs didn’t just cook; they performed sorcery with those ingredients.

Plénitude, Paris, France – In the city of love, Plénitude doesn’t just flirt with your taste buds, it seduces them. It’s haute cuisine with a side of Parisian charm.

La Briqueterie, Vinay, France – They say you can’t buy happiness, but I bet they’ve never had a meal at La Briqueterie in Vinay. This place proves that France’s grip on the culinary world is ironclad.

Iris, Rosendal, Norway – Listen up, when in Norway, Iris is where you anchor your yacht. This isn’t dining; it’s a Viking feast in Valhalla.

Piazza Duomo, Alba, Italy – You think you know Italian cuisine? Think again. Piazza Duomo takes your Italian aunt’s cooking and turns it into a Michelangelo masterpiece.

Alchemist, Copenhagen, Denmark – The Alchemist isn’t a restaurant; it’s a temple where the High Priests of Flavor perform culinary miracles. Buckle up for a gastronomic odyssey.

DiverXO, Madrid, Spain – Strap in and hold tight because DiverXO will take your palate for a bull run. This isn’t Spanish cuisine; it’s an avant-garde flavor fiesta.

Tresind Studio, Dubai, UAE – Dubai is all about that bling, and Tresind Studio shines brighter than the rest. This is where the flavors of India meet the extravagance of Dubai.

AM par Alexandre Mazzia, Marseille, France – If Picasso served food, it would be at AM. It’s a culinary canvas with Marseille painted in broad, delicious strokes.

Frantzén, Stockholm, Sweden – Frantzén is like a Viking warlord of taste. It doesn’t just conquer your senses; it makes them kneel in submission.

Zen, Singapore – At Zen, you’ll realize ‘fine dining’ is an understatement. It’s a balance of elegance and innovation, as harmonious as the city itself.

The Fat Duck, Bray, UK – If you think British food is about fish and chips, The Fat Duck is about to school you with a Michelin-starred curriculum.

Taian Table, Shanghai, China – In the heart of Shanghai, Taian Table is a game changer. It’s where Chinese tradition crashes into a wall of modern culinary creativity.

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These restaurants will forever live rent free in my head…they say you can’t buy happiness but I bet you’ve never had a meal in any of these restaurants!

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This is not desert it’s an omelette like you’ve never tasted served at the Alchemist

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