Ladies and gentlemen of the United Kingdom, I come to you today with a fire in my belly and a sense of urgency that cannot be contained. The government is pushing for conscription, and I cannot stand idly by and let them manipulate and exploit our youth for their own gain. We must ask ourselves, who and what are we fighting for?

Let’s start with the why. Why is conscription being considered? The government will tell you it is for the greater good, to protect our nation and its interests. But let’s not be naive. The truth is that conscription benefits the wealthy elite and perpetuates their power and control. It is a tool for them to use as they see fit, to further their own agendas and line their pockets.

Who are you fighting for if you are conscripted? It’s certainly not for the average citizen, who will be left behind to endure the consequences of war while the rich and powerful remain safe and untouched. No, you will be fighting for the interests of corporations and financial institutions like BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs. These entities thrive on war and conflict, reaping obscene profits from the suffering of others. Do not be a pawn in their game.

Do not sacrifice your life for rubbish. The government may paint a romanticized picture of honor and duty, but the reality is far from it. War is not glorious, it is brutal and senseless. The wars being fought today are not for the noble cause of defending freedom and democracy, but rather for geopolitical power struggles and economic gain. Do not be fooled into believing otherwise.

It is crucial to understand that this is not your war, it is their war. The ruling class will never send their own children to the front lines, they will never experience the horrors of war firsthand. They will simply sit back and watch as the working class is sent off to die for their interests. We cannot allow ourselves to be used in this way.

We must resist conscription at all costs. We must take a stand and refuse to be coerced into fighting for causes that do not benefit us or our fellow citizens. We must demand accountability from our government and refuse to be manipulated by their propaganda and fear-mongering.

It is time to wake up and recognize the corruption and greed that underlies the push for conscription. We must band together and fight for our own interests, rather than blindly following the orders of those who seek to exploit us. We must demand a world where our lives are valued more than the profits of the few.

To wrap this up , I urge you all to think critically and question the motives behind conscription. Do not allow yourselves to be used as pawns in a game of power and greed. Stand up for what is right and refuse to be manipulated. Our lives are worth more than the interests of the elite. Do not let them sacrifice you for their own gain. The time to act is now.









Don’t sacrifice your life for rubbish You will be fighting for the interests of corporations and financial institutions like BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs

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