So You’ve always wanted to be an Influencer/Ambassador for a high end luxury brand?

You love the lavish lifestyle and you want to show off your life to the World and influence others to live like you do plus you want to expand your social fan base to every continent, if this is you look no further!

The internet is seemingly awash with social networking platforms from Facebook, to Instagram, Snapchat and beyond, offering a democratic space for interaction and picture gazing between friends and perfect strangers. Throw in the allure of graded exclusivity and “loyalty rewards” in industry jargon, into the heady mix and the ubiquity of these social networking behemoths becomes self-evident. So, step right in Slaylebrity hosted by the Slay Network; a member-based social networking platform that prides itself as the most elite social network. And judging from the diverse content, posted at a prolific rate, on the network—from haute couture, to fine dining, fitness, ultra-luxury vehicles, politics, travel and more—the word elite has never felt so understated.
Slay Network is a digital exercise in bacchanalian opulence for its own sake.
And it has the decency to offer some lucky few the chance to luxuriate in man’s most noble pursuit: social status!
Influencers are a major force in the business world these days. Indeed one can go as far as making the bold statement that most businesses are successful as a result of influencers. Brands chase after the influencers with the most followers on most social platforms, especially Instagram. However, with the influx of the fake follower trend it is becoming incredibly difficult to judge the authenticity of most influencers. This is a situation that the Slay Network has cleverly taken advantage of through its Elite social platform Slaylebrity.

Introducing the All new Slay Ambassador program.

This program allows you to partner and collaborate with the established Slay Network Brand. Thereby providing you with a strong influencer profile which you can use to attract other brands to work with you.Partnering with Slay Network’s social platform Slaylebrity is no child’s play and is reserved for only those who are truly serious about growing their influencer empire!

If you are lucky enough to be a slay club world VIP member you now have the privilege of partnering with Slaylebrity to promote our advertising services and Vip concierge service which also includes social media verification consultation services.

As an ambassador you can list your new status on your social platform page.

As a slay partner You can snag your slice of the over $250 billion advertising industry.

Rather than start a business on your own from scratch the fastest way for you to rack up wealth is to join an already existing business who is crushing it big time.

Today you get a chance to join a business generating $10 million a month in PROFIT!

In this complex world simplicity is the clear winner every single time.

And this business opportunity is exactly that simple to understand and comprehend.

So what will you be doing as a brand partner?

You will be referring clients.

There are two types of clients

1. Clients who want to advertise/list their expensive products or services on our luxury lifestyle platform Slaylebrity.
2. Clients who want to become VIP members

Slaylebrity Snap Shot

537K Youtube subscribers,
* 337M Youtube views,
* 250K Instagram followers
* 4.4K Facebook followers
* 145K+ monthly views on Slaylebrity
* Impressions 2 million +
* 2- 6 % Bounce rate( Lowest bounce rate in the luxury niche)
* 18,000 + listings

So How do you refer?

To refer you will need to be a VIP member. Once you become a member you receive a referral ID, this referral ID should be quoted by any of your clients when sending payments to slay network and you will need a PayPal address or bitcoin wallet to receive your commissions.

Are there any fees to join?

Only members can join the partner program.

Referral commissions

Each advertising listing costs $10,000

You receive $2000 for every listing referred

If you refer just eight clients a month or two clients a week that’s a $20,000 income right there.

If you refer another VIP member you earn $5000 per listing

And the sky is the limit, as there are no limits to how many listings you can refer, you can refer clients from any country in the World as long as they can pay by paypal or bitcoin.

Accumulated commissions are paid on the 01st of every month via PayPal or bitcoin wallet.

Steps to join

Step 1 sign up to Slay club world
Step 2

Apply to Join the partner group on facebook Here

Step 3
You will receive an email with your referral ID after your payment is received. If you did not receive the email within 24hrs send an email directly to to request your referral ID

Need help to generate your leads?

We also offer a done for you lead contact service where we contact up to 20000 contacts every month on your behalf. This service is also available to VIP members at $4000 per month.
contact after you sign up if you want to use the lead outreach service.
Word of Warning
Slay Ambassador program is not for the timid to begin this incredible partnership follow the steps above.

Highly recommended

We recommend you purchase Slay Merch to show off your new found Slay Ambassador position

I created it. I worked for it. I got up early for it. I worked late for it. I earned it. I’ll never stop being grateful for this lifestyle. I’ll never stop sharing how grateful I am. You know why? Because it’s my why, my mission, my greatest desire to deliver: is this message to you. The message that you don't have to downplay your amazing life, you deserve it, flaunt it! Become a Slay Ambassador

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Slay My Shades

Slay my shades

Slay My Shades

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Slay My Hair

Slay my hair

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Slay My Look

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Slay my look

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