DOES it do the dance?” is not the first question you normally expect when testing a new car. Then again, the Tesla Model X isn’t an average sort of car.
For starters, this all-electric seven-seater costs from £75,700 for the entry-point version that has a range of up to 230 miles on a single battery charge. The one we tried was the £92,300 Performance Model X with a 300-mile range and a top speed of 155mph.

It can also take down 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, or even less if you’re prepared to stump up an extra £8200 for the aptly named Ludicrous Mode that gives this luxury SUV acceleration better than most supercars.

There’s also a Long Range model that covers as much as 315 miles before it needs to be connected to a charge point and this starts at £84,800. So, you can see any Model X is not a budget option, but then they do cost a lot less than most Range Rovers when it comes to the cost of fuel.

Setting aside the arguments for and against electric cars, the Model X has a lot going for it. As well as the sensational turn of speed, the Performance model has four-wheel drive as standard, though this is aimed more at driving ability on the road than off the beaten track.
Point the Tesla at a twisty back road and it can keep up with most sports cars thanks to its terrific grip and pace. There’s very little body roll in corners, but the downside is the suspension is very firm over ruts and ridges, where an Audi e-tron is much more compliant.

The Tesla’s steering doesn’t dish up as much feel as the Audi’s or many other of its fossil-fuelled competitors, yet it has another trick up its sleeve in the form of Autopilot.
This self-driving feature allows the car to guide itself for short periods. After that, the driver needs to make a steering input as otherwise the car will come to a safe stop.

And now for the dance!!!

Tesla continues to show why they are unique and continues to give the Tesla enthusiast something new to love. This may be old news to some, but I continue to enjoy Telsa’s and Elon Musk’s uniqueness among the big auto companies. I was entertained finding out that a Tesla can dance.
Hidden in a Tesla Model X software is another “Easter Egg” that allows owners to put the car into a dance mode to the Trans Siberian Orchestra and dance with a light show.

Here are the instructions as to how you activate Tesla’s  another fun Easter egg.

* Press and hold the Tesla “T” for 5 seconds
* When the “PLEASE ENTER ACCESS CODE” prompt appears, enter the code “holiday” or “ModelXmas” and press “OK”
* A prompt will appear that reads “The show will begin after you exit the car, close all doors and press the lock button on the key. The show requires 6 feet of space above and around the vehicle.”
* Step out of the car and have fun with your dancing car.


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Source Daily Record

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Hidden in a Tesla Model X software is another “Easter Egg” that allows owners to put the car into a dance mode to the Trans Siberian Orchestra and dance with a light show

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