Slaylebrity is Providing a lifestyle and fashion club for elites in Africa known as Slay club world Africa

London UK- May 10, 2018 – Slaylebrity hosted by the slay network has since its foundation been redefining social networking and e-commerce by bringing a touch of class and finesse that is second to none in the digital market. Slay club world Africa the platform is renowned for their focus on luxurious brands and master designers who they have brought together under one roof to cater to the needs of their clients. Slaylebrity thrives in graded exclusivity as it is a member-based site offering individuals who value class and style with a chance to engage in opulence without any limitations.

Talking about the slay club world Africa, the Operations Manager said, “Africa has always been of interest to us, and over the past years we have committed resources and expertise with a purpose of reaching out to this special continent. The slay club world Africa is our newest platform, and it comes tailor-made just for you. Similar to all the other platforms we run, it is a diverse mix of entertainment, fashion, fitness, fine dining, and art that complete the definition of elite living. What we offer is more than just an exciting online place as we give you an open door to an epic journey that will last a lifetime.”

Nothing can stand in the way of a lady who knows her value and never lets anything be a hindrance to achieving set goals. To face the world every day, looking and feeling good is mandatory for the lady who is out to win. Slaylebrity understands the demands of the modern lady and is offering a one-of-a-kind platform to get the best luxury gifts for her. The range of gifts to choose from on the site is endless with each item being a rare masterpiece that will instantly showcase the value of the recipient.

Speaking about the benefits of subscribing to their membership levels, the Marketing Director said, “We have three distinct levels namely bronze, silver, and gold. A gold member makes an annual subscription of N21, 900,000 while a silver member subscribes for N6,570,000 and a bronze member for N4,380,000. This amount is then used to give you slay credits which you can then use to buy luxury unique gifts and items on any of our numerous stores. Extra benefits of being a member are the 50% of the annual fee you will earn for every referral giving you the chance to earn as you live the slay celebrity lifestyle.”

There are items that are a preserve for the royal and top class in the society such as the luxury gifts for the woman who has everything. Slaylebrity is home to the millionaires and billionaires having within their broad categories customized products for the noble client. Gifting a friend, colleague, or loved one who values style has never been simpler and more convenient than with the store that connects to the greatest pursuit in life, maintaining the social status.

About Slaylebrity

Slaylebrity is the ultimate platform for the modern fashionistas and individuals who know the value of class providing a one-stop solution for socializing and engaging in the pleasures of luxurious opulence under a member-based system.


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