Singita is a conservation company. They’ve been preserving African wilderness for the past two decades. Through an exceptional safari experience with 12 award-winning lodges and camps across South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, Singita is able to partially fund the protection and preservation of pristine land and existing wildlife populations, not to mention help create economic independence within local communities surrounding the reserves.

Travellers choose to stay at Singita because of the expansive space and beauty of the reserves, limited guest and vehicle numbers, extraordinarily consistent game viewing and the exceptional care that is taken of each guest during their stay. Guests leave a Singita safari being transformed for a lifetime and having made a contribution to the legacy of Africa.

Dedicated to environmentally conscious hospitality, sustainable conservation and the empowerment of local communities, Singita, meaning “place of miracles,” was founded in 1993 with a single lodge, Singita Ebony Lodge.
Built on family owned land in what is now known as the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Singita’s mission is to share a unique part of the world, while maintaining respect for the natural environment and challenging accepted notions of luxury.
Today, Singita is the trusted guardian of a million acres of pristine land in Africa and responsible for successful community development projects, making a tangible difference in the lives of the people living and working in and around its lodges.
Singita proudly operates 12 lodges and camps, each a unique experience in its own right, in five regions across three countries in Africa.

Its low-impact, high-value tourism model – fewer guests paying a premium for the privilege of experiencing vast open spaces – exists to sustain these wilderness areas and their resident wildlife, while providing an exclusive safari experience.

See some of the special lodges and experiences below.


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The craziest sun rise I’ve ever experienced

Kicking off our African adventure with the craziest sun rise I’ve ever experienced. This morning I woke up in #Zimbabwe to crystal clear skies, not a single cloud in the air. I set up my time lapses excited to capture some vibrant #African morning colours. As the colours started to pop a deep fog descended on us out of nowhere. It was a complete white out with visibility at literally 10 feet in front us. I wondered if the fog was just a layer so got out the drone and put it straight up in the air. You can imagine my reaction when the clouds broke revealing this incredible view. This was my first sunrise at the amazing @singita_. For my birthday @jeremyjauncey surprised me with a trip to Singita Pamushana. It’s my first #Safari and I couldn’t be more excited! Who’s been on a safari before and has some funny stories? I’m totally fine swimming with sharks, running with bears but when it comes to spiders...uh oh!

Source: By @tomjauncey

Sasakwa Lodge

Singita Sasakwa Lodge is built in the style of a stately Edwardian manor house with nine private cottages and a villa, each with a private infinity pool. From the vantage point of Sasakwa Hill, panoramic views of the Serengeti plains merge with the horizon and provide a sense of immense space and freedom.

Sabora Tented camp

An unforgettable East African experience, this intimate tented camp is modelled on a 1920s-style explorer’s camp in the middle of the game-rich savannah plains of the Serengeti. Evoking the elegance and romance of a bygone era, the nine tented-suites are lavishly furnished with antiques and Zanzibari treasures.

Faru Faru lodge

Hidden away on the edge of the Grumeti River, Singita Faru Faru Lodge was inspired by a botanist’s camp, blending cutting-edge design with organic shapes and textures. The lodge has the carefree ambience of a Zanzibari coastal resort including nine stone, canvas and glass suites that have a quirky, artistic thread woven into every detail of decor.

Serengeti House

Situated on the lower slopes of Sasakwa Hill, Singita Serengeti House is a private-use retreat, with uninterrupted views across tree-dotted plains of the Serengeti. Refined yet comfortable interiors plus warm-hearted service, add up to a luxurious home environment in the bush. A cool neutral palette of subtle, sun-bleached colours mimics the Serengeti grass plains, bringing the outside in.


A return to the true essence of safari, Singita Explore captures the new mood of adventure. Spacious and stylishly put together, the custom-designed tents have an uncluttered appeal and provide an escape from modern-day distractions. Dining under stars and sleeping under canvas, it’s about being close to nature, immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the Serengeti plains.

Mara River tented camp

Situated in the remote Lamai triangle in Tanzania, this permanent tented camp is a modern take on the classic East African safari. Close to the ground and off the grid, the concept and design of the camp encourages constant engagement with nature without compromising on creature comforts. The look is Bohemian chic, contemporary with splashes of bright colours, yet not losing the elegant yet relaxed feet-up style that defines the Singita brand.

Pamushana Lodge

Set high in the hills amongst dramatic boulders, the organic-shaped buildings of Singita Pamushana Lodge are reminiscent of Great Zimbabwe. The thick walls, meticulous thatching and detailed stonework lay the foundation for bold interiors, inspired by local Shangaan culture. There are six palatial suites and a five-bedroom villa, all with private plunge pools and views across Malilangwe Lake.

Lebombo Lodge

This dramatic lodge, comprises 13 suites that give guests a front row seat to the Kruger National Park with bold, contemporary open plan suites suspended above the N’Wanetsi River. The exclusive concession is a richly diverse habitat, teeming with game, beneath endless African skies.

Sweni Lodge

Tucked into the Sweni River bank, this intimate lodge provides a bold, new African context for contemporary design, architecture and food. A hidden jewel of seven suites, including a new family suite, Singita Sweni Lodge exudes glamorous attitude. Splashes of vibrant colour are inspired by beetles, chameleons, while neutrals draw in the light.

Ebony Lodge

Singita Ebony Lodge, situated over the Sand River, takes safari design and style to a new level. The new design is a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the classic safari lodge, combining tented camp and bush lodge style. Guests are immersed in nature with huge open spaces and interiors inspired by a combination of local tribal culture and the animal kingdom.


Reminiscent of an African farmhouse, Singita Castleton presents relaxed and understated interiors imbued with nostalgic references that capture the spirit and history of the original camp. An intimate lodge designed for private use with its own staff, guide and tracker, relaxed living spaces leading to deep verandas provide accommodation in six individual cottages.

Boulders Lodge

The original inspiration for Singita Boulders Lodge came from the geometry of the ancient, weathered boulders and the natural curve of the river bed where the lodge is located. Design takes its cues from nature, incorporating charcoal and copper colours, and textures of the surrounding landscape, reflecting the four elements of earth, fire, air and water.

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