My Life just keeps heating up

Running Cold and Hot
It was my first day at the new job. I woke up long before my alarm went off. I went to the gym that morning to work off my jitters and excitement, but I just found myself getting hornier and hornier as I watched a roomful of muscle-bound men sweating and flexing all around me. I worked myself up into a sexual frenzy, and by the time I got in the shower, I wanted to masturbate right there in front of everyone. But I remembered that people had actually been thrown out of my gym for pulling sexual stunts like that, so cooler heads prevailed.
I contained myself, even during my drive home when I felt the wetness between my legs drip through my panties. And I maintained control when I took another cold shower, and fantasized about David, my new boss, bending me down and fucking me while water splashed all over our bodies. I even resisted the urge to rub my burning pussy when I put on my pretty lace panties, which would give him easy access to the heat between my legs if he decided to hike up my skirt and do me on his desk.
I can’t deny that I was really nervous when I walked into that office. I hadn’t spoken to David since we had sex in the industrial freezer one night — all of the arrangements for my new position were made through our human resources department. I thought that he would have at least called me, or sent me an e-mail, to let me know how excited he was to have me…and how much he was looking forward to having me again.
Since I hadn’t heard from him, I started to wonder how he would treat me when I got there. Maybe he would act all businesslike with me, as if nothing ever happened between us — just as he did the first time we shared a kiss in the freezer and got interrupted by a goddamned fire drill. After that happened, it was business as usual and the deep freeze lasted until the day he methodically moved me on top of a stack of boxes and fucked me with wild abandon.
“I guess it couldn’t have been that bad; he did request for me to work with him,” I reminded myself as I walked through the front door and got into the elevator. I noticed a hot guy going to my floor, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the company was a complete frozen food meat market. Clearly I was working in the wrong department before and corporate was the place to be. If nothing happened with David, maybe there were other options for a little office nookie. I mean, a girl’s gotta have fun, right? It wasn’t like I was going to stay there after I finished my PhD; this was just about making money — and if I had some hot experiences that could help me when I became a sex therapist, that was even better.

“Are you new here?” the vision of sex asked me as I followed him out of the elevator.
“Kind of. I mean I’ve been working for the company for a while, but I’m new to this department. It’s my first day here.”
“Awesome! I’m Jamie by the way,” he said, stretching his arm out for me to shake his hand.
“Hi, Jamie. I’m Angela.”
“Angela? Oh, right; you’re the transfer starting today,” he remembered as he shook my hand.
I wanted to masturbate right there in front of everyone.
“Yeah, that’s me.”
“Great! You’re going to be working on my team. I mean, it’s David’s team, but I work closely with him. So that means I’ll be working closely with you too.”
“Cool! It’s nice to meet you, Jamie.”
As we finished our handshake, I felt electricity run through my body. I thought about my options for workplace delights. We continued walking down the long hallway until we got to our office door. Jamie swiped his badge to let us in.
“I’m not sure where David plans on setting you up, so why don’t you come sit down in my office until we sort things out?”
“Sure. Thanks a lot.”
I looked around Jamie’s office, wondering what David had in store for me that day. I desperately wanted to connect with him again and for him to take me the way he did in the freezer that night. Anticipation rode up through my chest, the same way it did when I anxiously waited for David’s throbbing cock to invade my pussy the very first time.

My fantasies were interrupted when David and Jamie came into the office. I tried to compose myself as we all made small talk.
“How are you doing, Angela? It’s good to see you again,” David said. He shook my hand. I didn’t know what to make of that, but I assumed he wasn’t about to jump me in front of someone else — although a David and Jamie sandwich would have been so delicious. I just hoped that once I got David alone, he would show me what he really thought about me being there.
“It’s good to see you too,” I said. I slowly scanned my eyes down toward his crotch. I was getting wet. “I’m really happy to be here. I appreciate you having me transferred.”
“Let me get you set up in your office,” David said as he motioned for me to follow him.
I contained myself, even during my drive home when I felt the wetness between my legs drip through my panties.
“I get an office? Awesome!”
I imagined the sexy times we would have in there.
“It was good to meet you, Angela,” Jamie said before we left the room. “I look forward to working with you.”
“You too, Jamie,” I said. David closed the door behind us and I stared at his perfectly tight ass.
I walked with him through the hallway, looking at the rows upon rows upon rows of cubicles. My office was in a secluded area of the floor, and I imagined he arranged it that way to give us some privacy if we wanted a little matinee in the late morning, or an afternoon delight after lunch. All sorts of dirty thoughts raced through my head, and by the time David opened my office door, the flames had ignited between my legs.
“Well, Angela, you’re officially part of my team now. There are some handbooks on your desk I need you to read through for your first week here, to give you a feel for what we do on the corporate side of things. The computer system is a little bit different from the one you’re used to, but all of your login information is still the same.”
I leaned on the edge of the huge desk, giving David a come hither look. “Thank you. I really do appreciate this opportunity. It means a lot to me.”

I thought about my options for workplace delights.
“You deserve it. Your talents were being wasted working for Amy.”
I didn’t respond to that comment, but I definitely agreed. My talents were wasted on Amy, but I wanted David to utilize them to the fullest. All of them.
“Jamie is going to show you one of the reports we’re currently working on, so you can assist us. We haven’t decided when to get you started on that, but it will probably be tomorrow — definitely by the end of the week.”
“That sounds great,” I said, feeling a little bit self-conscious about leaning on the side of the desk. I stood up, face to face with David, and begged him with my eyes to touch me, kiss me, do anything to me. But he didn’t. Maybe he wanted to keep it professional. Maybe our time of hot passion from the cold freezer had passed.
“Well, I’ll let you get started.”
“Okay. Thanks, David.”
I disappointedly watched him walk out the door. I sat down at my desk and opened one of the binders, listening to my office door, and my opportunity to have my intense itch scratched, close shut.
“Maybe next time,” I mumbled.
Just as I was getting over my horniness, I heard my door creak open. David was back, with a serious look on his face. “Before you get started, I think we should talk,” he said, closing the door behind him.
I figured this was it; this was the time David would tell me that what happened in the freezer was a mistake, and nothing like that could ever happen again. We had to be complete professionals, and whatever attraction we felt for each other would have to take a backseat to our work. I played this scenario in my mind before, and I realized that he was probably right.
“Can you come here?” he asked, motioning toward me. I got up from my desk and went to him.

“I need to tell you something.”
“Okay,” I said, looking up into his sexy, serious eyes. “I’m listening.”
At that moment, David slammed me up against the wall, pressed his body against mine, and started kissing me. “I missed you,” he whispered in my ear before ravaging my neck with his mouth. He stuck his hand up my skirt and fondled me through my panties. “I’ve been thinking about this since the day you accepted the job.”
“You have?” I asked coyly, rubbing my hands over the back of his pants.
“Fuck yeah. I didn’t think that bitch Amy was ever going to let you go. I asked her repeatedly to release you, but she kept giving me excuses.”
Why didn’t that surprise me? That woman went out of her way to make everyone miserable.
“Well, I’m here now. What are you going to do about it?”
David hiked up my skirt and pulled down my panties. “You’re not prepared this time,” he said with a smile. “You weren’t wearing panties before.”
He slipped two of his fingers inside me, circling them around my tight pussy walls. I undid his belt, worked on his zipper, and greeted his cock when it sprang out of his pants.
“Looks like you’re prepared,” I told him as I took his cock in my hand and massaged it slowly. “When did you stop wearing underwear with your suits?”
“When I found out your transfer date.”
David hiked up my skirt and pulled down my panties.

He rammed his fingers into my pussy one last time, and rubbed them against his eager lips, methodically licking my juices off of each digit. He started unbuttoning my blouse, and rubbed my hard nipples through my bra. I moaned, and then my whole body jerked when he rammed his cock inside me. I held onto him so I wouldn’t fall down, as he thrust into me, repeatedly banging my ass against the wall.
“God, I missed this,” he whispered, thrusting wildly into my pussy. I trembled against his body as I came. After a few more deep thrusts inside my tight pussy walls, he came too. He fixed his pants and gave me a look of utter satisfaction. I pulled up my panties, buttoned up my blouse, and looked up at him. He kissed me again deeply. When our tongues unlocked, he told me he had to get back to work — and I had to get to work.
“That’s the only way this arrangement can work between us.”
I agreed. “I won’t let you down. I promise.”
At that moment, there was a knock on the door. As David opened it, I hoped my hair wasn’t messy, and whoever was on the other side couldn’t tell what we’d been doing. It was Jamie, coming to tell me that he would be showing me the ropes of my assignment sometime the next day.
“Okay, just let me know when you’re ready,” I said. As both men left my office, David glanced at me and said, “It was nice catching up with you, Angela. We’ll have to chat again soon.”
And when David said soon, he meant soon.


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