The jet set life is not for everyone. If you are not sure if you are a true jet set babe, here are some signs that might help you figure it out.

– You have never been to the airport and the only time you fly is when your family takes a vacation to Hawaii.

– You have never taken an Uber or Lyft but instead prefer to drive yourself around in your expensive car.

– You think that being able to afford a $5 coffee is being extravagant.

These small little details will give away that you’re not elegant! So, if you want to have an elegant image, then avoid doing these mistakes.

Elegance is about being mindful of other people

A few other dead giveaways: 1) bad table manners 2) not cleaning up after yourself, especially when using public or office restrooms.Always carry a deodorant spray or perfume bottle in your handbag so that the next person who uses it doesn’t smell the evidence of what you did there.If you leave evidence on the seat or in the toilet bowl after you flush, wipe it up or use a toilet brush if there is one. Even if there are cleaners who are paid to clean the toilet every day, never expect somebody else to clean up something that you wouldn’t. This is a habit that true ladies cultivate at home. They always clean up after themselves, especially when using restrooms.

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Don’t see other women as your enemy. I really dislike seeing women getting all catty and snobby with each other. I just feel like we all need to support each other and when I see that women are so negative about each other I really find it tasteless.

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