Hearty upmarket brunch & diner dishes (like chèvre-topped burgers) plus hip digs & quirky bathrooms.

When we are in Paris/ Versailles visiting family we generally don’t eat in restaurants but we happened to have a chance to meet friends who were traveling back to the US after spending time in southern France. They picked this place and it was a lovely treat. The restaurant is beautiful and the space on the upper level is quite chic as are the patrons. Not too noisy, comfy chairs and with ample space between tables. The menu is really interesting, We had crispy duck and dim sum so not your house of warhorse cuisine- all the plates were enjoyed. So a chance to wear your trendy clothes, eat very well and splash some cash. It’s not cheap but not over the top and certainly great value. Upscale pampering for sure. Highly recommended.

When you go to l’Avenue, you know you are getting quality service, quality ambiance, quality food and quality staff. It has a price, but you are never disappointed. It is classy and they like to see customers walking in dressed classy, even casual-classy. The waitresses are all fluent in English, always available to take a picture of you and your friends and they are extremely elegant. So all in all, you pay a high price, but you get a nice return on your investment.

L’Avenue Montreal

Some two decades after its first location sprang to life, L’Avenue now has two restaurants in town — the new Saint-Henri location opened on the exact date as the Plateau original, March 30.

The 75-seater is tucked in next to Sumac on Notre-Dame West, and Alexandre Loiseau (ex-owner of now-closed Plateau restaurant Le Cocagne) is executive chef. While it was originally suggested that the new location would duplicate the original menu (and yes, original favourites like the duck benedict will stick around), Loiseau has put together some 14 new dishes that similarly walk that line between upscale diner fare, and earthy French vibes — from a pork cassoulet to a vegan burger.

The 411

Situated in the heart of the Plateau, L’avenue serves up, arguably, one of the best breakfast/brunch meals in the city. Others may try to imitate but there is no competition, just look at the lineup outside in winter time and you will begin to understand why.

At 1st glance
The minute you walk in you get the idea that this is no ordinary place with its funky design highlighted by a suspended motorcycle hanging over a table. Even the men’s room is made unique with a portion of a fence decorating the inside and red lights illuminating the entire room, not to mention a TV screen with random videos playing. The menu is equally visually stimulating as it looks like a comic book with animation gracing the pages. You could actually spend an hour enjoying the art work of the menu if it wasn’t for the tempting food options that distract you. There are some odd food pairings in their meals, like a burger patty on eggs Benedict… but it works, and quite well at that.

The service is fair, although I find I sometimes have to juggle knives to get my waiter or waitress’ attention for a refill or bill but it’s not a huge delay. The staff is quite pleasant and they don’t rush you out the door even with the giant lineup outside.

There are some vegetarian options although, I am not 100% sure how vegetarian friendly they are in regards to segregated grill or cooking oils. They have the standard options of waffles, omelets, and pancakes. However if you’re vegan you will have to ask the staff what there is that you can have as the fruit cup is the only vegan friendly item that comes to mind. As with all breakfast places ask the person serving you and be forceful or else you may get something with meat or meat bi-product in it.

Wrap up
One thing you should be careful of is that you will have to wait to be seated. I once showed up on a Wednesday morning and still had to wait a while. On weekends the lineup gets quite long so make sure to show up early or get comfy while you’re in line. Once again, I cannot stress enough on how the wait is well worth the yummy reward.

Concierge Recommendations for Parisian Branch

Tuna tartar with avocado with a glass of Chablis.

Tom Yam Chilean Sea Bass with the mashed potatoes.

Risotto & lamb chops& Don’t miss A burrata salad with eggplant pasta with black truffle also


Concierge Recommendations for Montreal Branch

The menu is almost as fun to read as the food is to eat
Pancake with cheddar and bacon
Eggs and their famous potatoes

The eggs Benedict are out of this world and their potatoes are truly unbelievable. The French toast with pears and chocolate sauce are delectable, and the pancakes with cheddar and bacon may seem odd at first but try it and your taste buds will thank you. The drinks are tasty and thick, so thick in fact that your straw will stand upright on its own. Basically everything on the menu is a guaranteed hit, so even though you will pay a few dollars more than most other places, it’s worth it in terms of what you get and the generous portions.

Pricing Paris
€18 for a cocktail, average entree is €40, €10 tips are added to the check

Pricing Montreal
< $20

41 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France

922, avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montreal, QC H2J 1X2


Tel: 00933140701491
Email : events@avenue-restaurant.com


(514) 523-8780

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