A beloved puppy is accidentally sent into orbit in a viral clip – or so it seems.
For his latest trick, YouTube prankster Ryan Hamilton fooled his mother and girlfriend into thinking a video involving the family’s new Australian Shepherd and a bunch of balloons has gone badly wrong.

Ryan, who posts his pranks on his Hammy TV channel, arrives at the home carrying a bundle of helium balloons and asks his mother if he can borrow the dog, named Molly.
Vaguely explaining that he’s doing a new video and “is going to surprise [girlfriend] Jen” he takes the pooch outside.

He then switches Molly with a small stuffed toy and ties it to the balloons.

Even when his suspicious mother and girlfriend appear and ask him what he’s doing, Ryan convinces them it’s all innocent fun and tells them to go back inside.

For added effect, he attaches a small dictaphone with a pre-recording of whimpering dog to the dummy dog before letting go.
Spotting what appears to be their adorable pet flying off into the sky, Ryan’s horrified girlfriend and mother rush out in panic – only to realise soon after it was all a joke.
The clip has been viewed more than 62,000 times since being posted.

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Ryan Hamilton laughed as his mother and girlfriend watched their new Australian Shepherd float off towards the clouds - but it's not what it seemed

Puppy tied to helium balloons ‘floats away’ in cruel prank on devastated owners

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