A floor long gown with fitted bodice overlayed with lace and appliqued with lace and lots of Swarovski accents. The layered ruffle skirt is in a gorgeous shade of barbie blush pink, with additional layers of tulle underneath for volume and pouf. This incredible Royal princess creation is finished with the most magnificent train sprinkled with more Swarovski crystals. This dress is a total wowzer, a sight for sore eyes! Your princess will feel like a princess indeed and will certainly not be mistaken for a peasant.

Complimentary jewelled crown included.

Size shown: 4-5yrs. However any size can be created from 2-12 yrs.

Bambini Dress Price: $2240
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


Hot concierge styling tips and recommendations

Want mamas look? Click here for the dress from slay my look (search for look 03-19), click here for the luxury blonde wig from slay my hair.

We recommend a slay couture kids jewelry set, this includes 14 K earrings with matching necklace and bracelet. price: $2269.

Want the bambini silver couture shoes (see below)?
Size : custom
Shoe Price: $2544

Instructions to purchase kids couture shoes and jewelry set: click the Buy Now link above, enter the Price indicated above, fill in the necessary details and checkout. Slay Concierge will contact you to arrange your delivery pls have the title of this post on hand.

Need further assistance? Contact concierge here

Celebrating a Princess is a thing!

So Royal

Pretty in pink

Always a sparkle in her eyes

Little ones are so special

Mommy daughter pink vibes

Hey pretty Angel!

Awww Adorable

Soo Cute

We love pink n white


Sooo Princessy

Princess Dalya Indeed!

Slay Attitude

What an adorable Look

This is everything

So Precious

A mothers love is so endearing


it's cake time

Family Love

When your family is your rock

She loves her Dada

Family is precious!

Once a upon a time...

its my parry and ill slay if i want to slay if i want to slay if i want to...

What a story!



Would you look at that train

Make a wish

wishes certainly come true


Never be afraid to Dream big

What Dolls!

Hey Minnie!

A princess needs to be pampered

Ice cream!

Pressie Time

Shoe Love

Hilarious but that's how we get what we want from Dada

What a divine cake

Happy birthday Dearest

Five is a good age to celebrate

Everything lush

Decor goals


She's more than a princess

Sooo Feathery

Now that's a slay Bentley Ride

Mother Dearest

Look into my eyes with love

Kiss Kiss but don't ruin the makeup

Cupcakes are sooo yummy

Princess Cookies

Minnie Dance with me

Dolling up

What a Squad

Happy times

Peas in a pod

Not sooo pink

Mama, Grandma and Aunty

Lovin Family

I think I love my dress

Wearing my crown with slay pride

Divalicious Me

Now It's Me time

It's all about your family network

I do love my Aunt

Precious Crown


No words


Of course it's detachable

When you've got a slay dress you gotta get on the dance floor

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