Come and immerse yourself in the underwater world and have a taste of pure ALOHA.

All expeditions are led by founder of Ocean Defender Adventures, Oriana Kalama.

Ocean defender adventures seek to share the connection between all living creatures and ourselves as humans. Come join their all-inclusive expeditions, a lifetime experience to learn about the importance of marine mammals and communal living.

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Oh how I love sea world

Blue whales rock

Oh how I wish to swim, with a giant blue whale You can Say I’m childish or infantile A silly dreamer or Just bewitched Bewitched and hypnotized by the color of the sea. Because is the color of peace. Aloha ~Oriana

Source: Photo by @gohdiving

This is a thresher shark!

They can jump to 20 feet and grow up to be 24 feet in length, these and so many other pelagic sharks are disappearing due to the demand for shark fin soup. Also remember to check your dietary supplements and make sure there’s no shark cartilage. Aloha

Source: By @oceandefender; Photo by @matt.bolton7

Learn, Connect, Defend

Unusual friendship. Blue ring octopus are extremely venomous for us humans. Apparently not for all ocean creatures.

Source: By @oceandefender, Photo by Dragos Dumitresku

And here’s the lucky couple of Australian Giant Cuttlefish. Yes they are starting their dance thing.

Guy sees girl. Girl sees guy. Guy starts getting closer and busting the color changing moves. Oh wow, said the girl.. I never seen that shade of blue in no one else before. You so sexy !! And everything went on as usual, way down under at the cuttlefish garden. Aloha

Source: By @oceandefender, Video via Lawrence Scheele @snorkeldownunder

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