From cardinals to the Whore of Babylon, the colour Red is rich in symbolism – only a certain type of woman wears red – and she’s on the increase.
Slay my look is breaking the trend with this look for safe and tasteful beige and white.

Ladies in red are something of a cultural event, from Mary Magdalene to Princess Diana, serenaded by Chris de Burgh on that very topic from a cherry-picker during the mid-80s. They capture the imagination; any slaylebrity choosing to wear it demands attention.

Red is the colour of revolution and of blood, so it has more ambiguity, perhaps, than any other colour one might choose.

Ambiguity and, yet, a certain universality: while women have traditionally shied away from the colour for fear of standing out and looking “a bit Special K”, the latest procession of starlets is proof enough that those wearing red aren’t necessarily a type any more.

This colour family is symbolic of power and wealth,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at Pantone. “It’s seen as the most assertive and dynamic of colours. It certainly enhances the confidence of the person wearing it.

Red is a social synesthesia that encapsulates emotions and abstracts into something instantly understood. The Color Red has always been associated with luxury, Gold and red have always been thought to complement each other.

So as you marvel at the rouged bevy of of this slay my look set, consider its social impact too. Whether style statement or Stop sign, red is one way of grabbing everybody’s attention.

Look includes embellished coordinates, embellished flats and SnapBack.

Coordinate Size: XS-XXL/ UK 6-14
Shoe size: Up to UK size 10

Look Price: $2756
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


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Red = danger, luxury, revolution and religion.

And it's back in vogue …

Red has always been associated with luxury

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