Wow you are not going to believe this! The line for the toilet just got longer.

How it works
Step 1
The red stage with the red training disc trains your cat to go into the bathroom whenever they need to go and to hop up onto the toilet.
The special white seat starts on the floor like a regular litter box then the whole thing is placed on the toilet rim when the cat is ready.

Step 2
The amber training disc has a small hole in the centre surrounded by the litter. Your cat stands on the litter while learning to balance. Your cat will experience going into the water for the first time.

Step 3
The green and final stage uses the disc with the large hole. Your cat learns to go directly into the toilet while balancing all four paws on the seat with their rear over the hole.
Your cat won’t need litter any more and you can enjoy the benefits of a litter-free home. Later, remove the LITTER KWITTER completely!


Hot Concierge Tip
To reduce plumbing issues choose cat litter products with wheat, corn, wood or walnut shells as a base material. We recommend Swheat Scoop or World’s best cat litter.(you can find both at amazon)

Now you can train your cat to be as posh as you!

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