You are KIDDING us! Tell us this is not true!

As hurtful as the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal was for Khloé Kardashian, it may not be over.

No, there isn’t a new video (yet?) but there is apparently an eyewitness to some shady behavior.

While Khloé was busying partying the night away with Kylie Jenner on Thursday for the 21st birthday celebrations, the athlete was in Toronto teaching basketball camp.

But according to one source, he wasn’t alone!

An employee at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre told Radar Online:

“There was a woman in Tristan’s entourage and it wasn’t Khloe. They looked like more than friends because he had his hand on her lower back when they arrived. There was definitely something there.”


This could still be nothing, right? The source continued:

“She was a beautiful, young girl who looked as if she could be a model. She, along with one of his security detail, stayed in the locker room while he taught camp. He appeared to be in a hurry to get back to his female companion because he jetted out of the center the minute it was over.”
OK, this is all pretty speculative; obviously the witness didn’t see anything concrete.

But, well, how do we put this? If OUR man had been caught on video cozying up to a few other women just months ago, his ass would still be on probation!

And folks on probation don’t have to even do crimes, they can just be caught associating with the wrong folks and that’s enough to go back to jail. Know what we mean?

Do YOU think Tristan is cheating again??

By Perez Hilton

She looks like she could knock Tristan out don't you think?

Source: @khloekardashian

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