There are plenty of reasons why dogs have earned the nickname “man’s best friend.” Unlike human BFFs, they never make a conversation all about themselves, and they’re always available to hang out. They’re great listeners, love to stay in on a Friday night, and are the MOST excited to see you every day.
So have you and your dog achieved official BFF status? See if any of these tell-tail signs ring true.

1) When you’re apart, you constantly think about your dog and wonder what he’s up to.

Even though you know the answer is “napping on the couch,” your best friend is never far from your thoughts!

2) You’ve decided that any potential romantic partner will have to be approved by your BFF, or else.

Your dating profile has at least one pic of your dog, and you will quickly swipe left on anyone who looks like a cat person.

3) You know all of the best dog-friendly restaurants in your area.

And you’ve reviewed every one on Yelp, noting which ones offered your BFF a water bowl and which had dog-friendly menus.

4) You’re determined to buy a house with a backyard.

Forget getting married or having kids, the adult goal you really want to accomplish is to buy a home so that you can give your pup a big yard to play in on a daily basis.

5) During the holidays, you bring your dog to the mall to get his photo taken with Santa.

Because he’s been an extra good boy this year.

6) When you have a bad day, it’s your dog who you turn to for comfort and cheering up.

And he never judges you for having that third glass of Pinot Noir or second bowl of popcorn.

7) Your phone camera is full of selfies you’ve taken together.

And, of course, your screen savers feature pics of your dog, too.

8) It’s not a real vacation unless your dog is there.

With so many dog-friendly hotels and Airbnbs around the world, you never want to go on a trip unless dogs are allowed.

9) You don’t know if you want to have bridesmaids at your wedding, but you’re definitely going to have a Dog of Honor.

Your family and friends will be at your wedding, so it makes sense your dog will be there too, since he’s both. Plus, dressing up your dog in a bow tie or flower crown is just way too cute of a photo-op to miss.

10) You have matching ‘best friend’ charm necklaces.


11) You started a doggie meetup group, so you both could make more friends

Even though you and your pup are BFFs, you still think it would be nice to have a squad. You aspire to find the Samantha and Charlotte to your Miranda and Carrie.

12) You love shopping for your dog more than for yourself.

Before you had a dog, you just shopped for yourself, but now you can easily blow hundreds of dollars on cute, miniature outfits and chew toys.

13) You say “I’m sorry.”

You don’t hesitate to apologize to your pup whenever you come home late or accidentally step on his tail.

14) You manage your dog’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

You basically have a side hustle as your dog’s manager and publicist. You pay close attention to celeb dogs, like Tuna and Toast, and wonder how to parlay your dog’s talents into a full-time career.

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