Is it acceptable to have Christmas decorations up all year round, because we certainly won’t mind the level of extravagance we are about to share with you.

If you want to truly flex this Christmas these ultra expensive Christmas decor will bring you lots of inspiration.

* 10. Luxury Candle with a Necklace – $5,000
* 9. Song-Playing Reindeer, 65″ – $6,920
* 8. Crystal Wrapping Paper – $7,549
* 7. Swarovski Tree Stand – $14,000
* 6. Most Expensive Christmas bauble – $136,000
* 5. Diamond-Studded Christmas Star – $950,000
* 4. Gold Santa Figurine – $1.6 million
* 3. Preserved Roses Mini Christmas Tree – $1.8 million
* 2. Solid Gold Christmas Tree – $1.95 million
* 1. Diamond Christmas Wreath – $4.6 million

Most expensive Christmas ornaments

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Is it acceptable to have Christmas decorations up all year round, because we certainly won’t mind this level of extravagance!

1. Diamond Christmas Wreath – $4.6 million

Pasi Jokinen-Carter is a Finnish floral designer who had quite an interesting idea. He created a Christmas wreath that boasts 40 astonishing diamonds and rubies, decorating some of the most luxurious flowers in the world, such as Hedera berries, Nobilis, lingoberry and blueberry stems, Helleborus flower heads and eucalyptus leaves. The wreath is the most luxurious ornament you could buy to celebrate Christmas, but think twice about where you’ll place it, since the price it’s an astounding $4.6 million. Hanging it out on the front door for sure it’s not a good option.

2. Solid Gold Christmas Tree – $1.95 million

Now let’s get to serious business. Big Christmas trees. And not only big, but made out of pure gold. The famous Tokyo jeweler Ginza Tanaka is again the one responsible for such an idea. The tree itself, if you can call it a tree, is 2.4 meters high and weighs 12 kg. Yeah, you got that right. 12 kg of 24 karat solid gold. The decorations are included. Golden plates, heart-shaped ornaments and ribbon, of course made out of gold. You can definitely say that this tree is worth it’s weight in gold. It costs a huge $1.95 million.

3. Preserved Roses Mini Christmas Tree – $1.8 million

For the people who don’t like big Christmas trees or who don’t want to sacrifice a real one, there’s the option of having a cute, mini tree, a decoration small enough to fit on your desk or wherever else you might want to keep it. And for those who want something posh, there’s a mini tree made out of diamonds. The ornament, created from preserved roses, is adorned with no less than 400 diamonds brought from Australia and South Africa. Be careful where you place this little Christmas tree because you might not want to break it, since the price is an outstanding $1.8 million.

4. Gold Santa Figurine – $1.6 million

We all know that Santa’s presence during Christmas is a must. Everybody wants Santa to come with presents, right? Especially the kids. But what if Santa itself was a present? And what if he was made of 20 kg of solid gold? Yes, that Santa is real. And his bag as well was made out of gold wiring and his belt has a diamond encrusted in it. The 18″ figurine was created by the Japanese Ginza Tanaka and its price tag is a staggering $1.6 million.

5. Diamond-Studded Christmas Star – $950,000

Let’s not forget about the very top of the Christmas tree. There should be something there as well. Something like a star, don’t you think? A gold one if possible, with a little bit of silver too, embellished with 281 diamonds, plus an astonishing 5 carat D flawless rare diamond right in the center of it. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful Christmas Star? Well, there is one. It was created by the London based online jeweler 77 Diamonds with the idea of becoming the most glamorous Christmas tree star in the world, which it did, but also became the most expensive one with the hefty price tag of $950,000.

6. Most Expensive Christmas bauble – $136,000

Baubles anyone? We all know them. They’re in every Christmas tree we’ve ever seen. They’re the most prominent tree decorations around. But there is one out there, one bauble that outshines all the rest. Designed by Mark Hussey, this special bauble took a year to complete. It’s bedecked with 500 diamonds, three of them of one carat each and circled by two rings that boast 188 rubies. This exceptional, one of a kind bauble is valued at the extreme price of $136,000.

7. Swarovski Tree Stand – $14,000

While this might not be a Christmas decoration in itself, it’s a much needed accessory when you’ve got a super expensive gold Christmas tree in your house. This stunning tree stand is gold plated and adorned with Swarovski crystals, making it the most expensive Christmas tree stand around, with a price tag of no less than the huge sum of $14,000.

8. Crystal Wrapping Paper – $7,549

When you think of wrapping paper, you usually think about a basic, simple accessory that comes with a gift. It’s torn out when we open our gifts and ends up straight to the trash. But how about a wrapping paper that for sure you won’t want to rip and trash? Hell, you might even be afraid to touch it. The company Rebekah Chol, a luxury gift wrapping service, created a wrapping paper coated with Swarovski crystals. Yeah, you read that right. The only thing is, you’ll need to buy a gift that matches it, and that won’t be easy to your pockets, since the wrapping paper itself costs a whooping $7,549.

9. Song-Playing Reindeer, 65″ – $6,920

How about a big Christmas decoration? As big as a Reindeer? Hansa Toys USA brings in this song-playing Reindeer, a 65″ tall toy crafted out of polyester and acrylic. The Reindeer comes with 3 songs recorded on an SD card and it’s actually singing them. All that while moving his head around to keep the rhythm. For sure the kids will love it. But you might cry at the price, since it costs $6,920

10. Luxury Candle with a Necklace – $5,000

There’s something that brings a little bit of warmth in your heart every time it’s used. The candle. When you lit a candle, especially during Christmas, everything changes. The atmosphere is different, the snow outside and the soft light and warmth of the candles inside make for a great ambience. There are all kinds of candles out there, but there is one that’s very special, unique and exquisite. The signature black box comes wrapped in a white satin bow and the candle itself has a hand-crafted necklace wrapped around it. The necklace, made by Gucci of 14k white gold, boasts no less than 38 dazzling diamonds which total to 2.23 carats with VS clarity, and they might even outshine the light of the candle. And the price might outshine everything else, since it’s a whooping $5,000. Almost. It’s a few cents under.

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