We asked a couple of people what their priorities where regarding money and family here are some thoughts below.

This answer will be different for most. It is tied to your belief I think. For me I think that most people will be average people in their lifetimes. So family would be number one. If you have family you already have love. As for money yes in today’s world it is necessary but it’s just a tool for those with money(power) to hold power over those without it, to fuel their system that keeps them powerful and the average person under their thumb. Money has no real value in my opinion. So it wouldn’t even be on my list.


Love, money, and family are all top priorities for me. In a way they’re the same priority.

I’m not cynical. I’m not saying money buys you love. Money buys you things. Things you need to provide for your loved ones. That’s important.

I work hard to earn a living because I love my family.

Michael Duncan

We leave with neither money nor our families so what gives?

Now Watch the video, well thought out but do you agree though?

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