Yesterday we reported That Kanye along with Candace Owens were going down a very dangerous slippery slope.

Looks like we were right, the Whole World is about to take everything that Kanye West has and we suspect Candace Owens is not so far behind if she doesn’t peddle back from Kanye Quick.

One canceller the Spring Hill said

“In an exclusive statement to @andscape @justintinsley, #MaverickCarter, the SpringHill Company CEO, said a recently-taped episode of The Shop featuring #KanyeWest will not air.

“Yesterday we taped an episode of The Shop with Kanye West. Kanye was booked weeks ago and, after talking to Kanye directly the day before we taped, I believed he was capable of a respectful discussion and he was ready to address all his recent comments. Unfortunately, he used The Shop to reiterate more hate speech and extremely dangerous stereotypes.

We have made the decision not to air this episode or any of Kanye’s remarks. While The Shop embraces thoughtful discourse and differing opinions, we have zero tolerance for hate speech of any kind and will never allow our channels to be used to promote hate.

I take full responsibility for believing #Kanye wanted a different conversation and apologize to our guests and crew. Hate speech should never have an audience”

Ice cube distances himself

Pdiddy distances himself

Lots of Black people calling Kanye West out

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats

Social Fans: 18.2 million
EST Net Worth: $2 billion






Looks like we were right, the Whole World is about to take everything that Kanye West has ever built

Kanye’s Parler will also be cancelled for sure

Justin Beiber has cancelled Kanye

George Floyd family goes after Kanye’s money

People are out for Kanye’s blood

This will be the greatest cancellation in Internet history

Why are the Floyds choosing Kanye over Fox News or Candace Owens?

The moment Cardi B won that lawsuit is signalled the end of free speech

Slay Network comments

Balenciage is apparently done with Kanye

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