In co-operation with Polaris Motor srl of Gubbio (PG), Lomac Nautica offers an exceptional means of transport: the flying inflatable boat. This is an ultralight composed of three sections: a inflatable boat (Open series model 350) a motor structure and a wing structure. Easy to assemble and dismantle (about 15 minutes), it is also easy to pilot. In fact only a few flying hours are needed to learn to pilot the FIB (Flying Inflatable Boat).
It has many purposes and can be used on rivers, lakes, swamps and on the sea, even with a heavy sea. For adventure, travel, discovery or work the FIB is a safe and enjoyable vehicle for going anywhere. When the wing section is removed it becomes an airboat for 4 persons even in very shallow waters; when wheels are mounted on just the motor section it becomes a land vehicle.
The FIB also has some standard and optional accessories to make navigation of this exceptional craft even simpler and safer. Accelerator and rudder pedals for steering in water, double controls can also be fitted for schools. A console with all the navigation instruments can also be mounted.

Estimated investment requirement


910 723 1950

Via Bruno Buozzi, 26
20097 San Donato Milanese – Milano – Italy
Tel. +39 02 51 800 538 – Fax. +39 02 51 800 531
P.IVA 04649400159

Alternative manufacturer

Seair Technologies
Tel: +1-206-755-1516

If you ever wanted to experience the fun of sport flying without the cost of general aviation, then this is for you!

Inflatable flying boat

It's time to get flying the unique way

Inflatable flying boat

Imagine...   ...... flying to a remote mountain fishing lake       ......  landing on a remote beach off the coastline .......  soaring through the sky at eye level with eagles or hawks      ....... spending the day at the lake looking DOWN at the  
               boats and jetskis!

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