Sense Geneva has created an impressive technology which enables you to humidify your cigar with the flavour of your favourite spirit.

It has been designed to maintain the perfect level of humidity to keep your cigar in an optimal condition. The main idea of Sense Geneva is to give customers the possibility to customize their best cigars, giving them their own signature taste.

Many business around the world have invented many ways to thank their customers, sadly it’s often the same kind of gift. This gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors and surprise your premium guests with an unexpected gift.

Welcome to the art of adding value to your cigars. Sense Geneva is the concept of encouraging customers to replace their standard choice with a premium product. This innovative system will increase your profits, gratuities and the overall value of your bar. Thanks to 5cl of a nice cognac, rum or whisky you will be able to double the retail price of your cigars.

Lately there has been a significant increase in the Cigar market, particularly their use in occasions such as business meetings, corporate events, and birthday parties. Sense Geneva has recognized this increase and created one of the latest innovations in the cigar world. Sense Geneva are already present in many stores located in Geneva and Saint-Tropez. Presenting this innovation to your customers will definitely capture their imagination.

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This is how you raise your cigar game!


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