Affluence is a word that is used to describe the state of being rich. The term often refers to wealth and the social class one belongs to. It can also refer to an individual’s or family’s economic standing in society.

The affluent are often seen as being privileged and enjoying a lifestyle that most people cannot afford. They are seen as living in luxury homes, wearing expensive clothes, and driving luxury cars. However it’s not what most people think when it comes to people who actually have money and those who do not.
In times when flex-culture & Instagram affluence seems to be a thing, it’s hard to know who’s actually genuinely wealthy and who’s just pretending? In today’s video you’ll find out the 10 common clues that giveaway the truth!

Please note: faking being rich does not equal leveling up leveling up” she means changing yourself to fit the life you want, not just marrying a wealthy person.

My wealthy English father-in-law met me at the train station wearing an old tweed jacket. He opened the button to show me the label – it had scribbled on the label ‘June, 1955’ the date he purchased it! He was so pleased with himself that he was still wearing it! A good example of ‘old money!’

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You try too hard Dear, you need to tone it down if you really want to fool them.

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