How do you make sales without telling people about your products and your company?
How will they know to come to you if you don’t tell them all the time?
How many of you out there are struggling with this?
Well today, I’m going to share with you the missing piece of the puzzle that will shift you from marketing like a salesy weirdo into building influence with a personal brand on autopilot.

Who is that person? What do they represent?
Do they work from home? Do they have a full-time job? Are they a parent? What are passions? What motivates them? When you were looking for the solutions that your product can solve where did you go looking?
First you need to identify those things. Because not everybody is your perfect prospect. If you spend your time talking to a lot of people that aren’t the right fit your product, then you are gonna spend a lot of time getting rejected.
We found a great way to use social media, and use your brand to connect with those perfect people.
When people can relate to you, they’re more likely to follow you. And they’re more likely to engage with your content.
The whole basis of branding yourself is to create a following of people around you. Not your products and not your company.
You want to position yourself on social media in a way that gives value, right? People show up, they love seeing your posts. They love tuning into your lives. They’re hanging onto every single word.
They continue to follow you wherever you go, whether it’s on your timeline, in your stories, on TikTok, or on IG. And once you are starting to build connections with those people, you have identified the right audience for you.
A lot of people think it’s gonna be so much easier when they build their business online, and they are going to get fast results.
Let’s get that out of our head. It’s not about fast results. It’s about most effective. And what’s it’s going to mean for the long haul of your business. So this isn’t an overnight success get rich type thing.
This actually takes some work and consistency, but you’re going to build relationships with that audience.
You do that by actively engaging with those people. Commenting on their their posts, and their stories.
You want to build authentic relationships. You’re giving real and genuine comments. Not just liking things and hearting things, that is not gonna help to build the relationship. 
The passive way that you’re going to do this is by putting out your content.
What is your message? How are you giving value? Are you inspiring them? Are you making them laugh? Are you educating them? Are you giving good tips in your niche? Where can people see you?
Because what you put out to your audience is a direct correlation of what they’re going to see from you, Right?

If all you’re doing is posting about your company and your products, they’re going to keep scrolling when they see your posts. They don’t really get to see who you are.
Show your people who you are, what your life is like, and your hobbies. Show them what you are passionate about.
You are that brightness that you are sharing out to the world. This is how you build the relationship.
Once you have the right audience, and you are building relationships with this audience, building the know, like, and trust.
We call this influence marketing.
Showing up consistently over time, and connecting with people genuinely. That creates the knowing you, liking you and trusting you. That’s how you create influence.

Once you have identified who your perfect prospect is, and built the relationship, then you can promote to that audience in a non-salesy, non-spammy way.
When I say promote, what I mean is, you can ask for what you want, but you can do it in a curiosity and value driven way versus salesy and spammy way.
When you show up on social media and you’re sharing about the benefits of your products, and the results you’ve had. You can share a before and after, and ask would you like these same results? I’m not telling you to come buy it. I’m asking if you want the results and benefits of what it gave me. Do you see how that is different?
That is what we call promoting, but we do it in a non salesy way so that your audience doesn’t feel like they’re being pitched.
People will buy from people that they know, like, and trust.
There’s many different things that you can do to promote, you can provide a challenge, or offer a free training. But I wanna emphasize that that is the last step of this process.

This totally blew my mind because when I first got started, the first thing that my upline was teaching me to do was promote.
My upline said out of the gates, put it out there.
I hadn’t even been online for that long, people didn’t know who I was. They didn’t know why I got started, and they didn’t know my journey. They didn’t know how to product help me .
Think about how using your personal brand can totally transform your business. By Identifying who your perfect prospects are. Building genuine relationships with them. Which creates the know, like, and trust. Then promote to your audience in a non-salesy way.
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If you spend your time talking to a lot of people that aren't the right fit your product, then you are gonna spend a lot of time getting rejected.

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