My mother always emphasized to us to look made up even when at home. She always told us to look like a lady even when lounging at the house.

I’m definitely leveling up my lounge wear, ladies we deserve to look and feel luxurious for ourselves too.
But, I’m turning all my old clothes into quilts. My great great great grandma started our family’s quilting tradition by using worn out clothes (because she was very poor, she also made her kids clothes out of cloth grain sacks, she’d sun bleach the supplier stamp off of them and dye them with plants) and the tradition has just continued on that way. I prefer it to buying fabrics because it’s more environmentally friendly and it’s wonderful to have these gorgeous blankets in the family what were once cherished clothing pieces of my ancestors. I inherited an award winning quilt from my great great grandmother that she hand stitched out of old sheets and a house dress.

Im a stay at home mom, and even though I have nowhere to go, I feel like when I get ready my mood is better and I don’t feel so gloomy. It really makes a difference. A lady is a lady no matter where you are!

How do you look elegant at home and is it even possible? In this video I share my best tips and outfit ideas on how you can look good and feel good at home.

Till the next slay time!

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First rule of thumb we don't wear worn out.. ugly gimmicky clothes

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