So you want to dominate the internet and make a shit ton of money and the following is on your mind
How do you Become super Visible on Social Media?
How do you choose a Platform that Suits You?

And How do you Increase your Influence and Presence on Social Media?

I am going to give you 3 simple steps to Make your personal brand and online Business Visible and Grow your Influence Online.

Which platform will you focus on? 
You need to decide which platform you are going to focus on. There are a lot of them, right? And if you have your hands in too many buckets, it’s going to be really hard to focus your efforts in growing your network and your business on social media when you’re spread thin.
I personally did not have multiple social media platforms. I focused on one.
And once I grew that audience there, I was able to branch out and grow quickly on the other platforms.

Also, a lot of people that you probably follow with bigger platforms have a team to help them grow those platforms and manage all that, because it is a lot.

So for those of you who are saying, “Hey, I’m really going to focus and be consistent the next 90 days”:
you need to decide which platform it is that you’re going to focus on.

What content is appropriate for that platform?
All Social Media platforms are different. They have different guidelines and algorithms. So make sure you prepare different strategies per each platform.
And, you need to understand what content is appropriate for that platform.
Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, wherever it is. I want you to get really consistent here over these next 90 days to help you stand out and grow your presence.

For Instagram, Reels and Instagram Lives are a Big Thing. So, you need to create more short videos and vertical lives for this platform.

For Facebook, it’s still horizontal Facebook Lives and everyday Stories.

Create a plan so that you know exactly what it is that you’re putting out there every single day. 

– What is it that you’re going to post each day?
– What are you going to show in your stories?
– What are you going to talk about in your Facebook Live throughout the week?
– How many of Lives are you doing?

How many times you opened up your feed and saw someone you’re constantly seeing?
I want you to be that person to your audience.

Show up consistently!
To help you growing your Social Media presence and Standing Up from the Crowd is showing up Consistently.
The biggest Key to mastering your consistency on Social Media, is to prepare a plan ahead.
When it comes to posting on Facebook, we like to teach Boss Influencers the Content Buckets. It is creating yourself buckets, based on different topics of interest.
Whether it’s educational, or engagement questions, lifestyle posts, entertainment or humor.

It could also be some stuff about your product or about your opportunity.
Things that you are passionate about, your hobbies, for example.
Getting those established helps you fill the Content Buckets, and you’re easily able to plug and play.

You can create Google Docs with a list of ideas, videos, photos, and examples of different content, and then go into those docs, take your ideas and post something new every single day.
Showing up consistently is going to gain you more visibility, which is then going to lead to growing your following, building relationships and influence with that. And you will then have people start coming to you.

They’re going to see you all over the place. They’re going to end up in your messenger inbox – complete strangers, and it’s amazing! It’s a game changer for your business.
It’s exactly how I was able to build a successful 6-figure business in 11 months, starting from zero, without any followers.
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So you want to dominate the internet and make a shit ton of money and the following is on your mind How do you Become super Visible

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