The average Joe is a man who is not wealthy and does not have an extravagant lifestyle. He lives a simple life, and he does not know how to make the most of it. He has one goal in mind: to be laid back.

This guide will help the average Joe become more affluent by teaching him how to live an extravagant life and enjoy it.
Now, should you leave your Average Joe boyfriend or level up and become a power couple? Can you level up your man? If yes, then how? Well, watch today’s video to find out!

Please note you can take a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink… if this is the case it’s time to get rid of him
My significant other was very critical of my desire to level up my life and become a more elegant and lady like version of myself. He would swear all of the time in public, even at nice restaurants. I would ask him to stop and he’d raise his voice and draw attention to us. I decided he was not worth the effort and if I truly wanted to level up, I’d need to do it alone. Ladies, I wanted to share my story with you Incase anyone is in a similar situation. I do not even miss him and I’ve only blossomed as a woman since going on this journey alone. (:

Till the next slay time!

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I’ve only blossomed as a woman since going on this journey alone

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