I always believe in education. Money can’t buy class and culture; but with the right education, you can become classy and cultured. Education may not make you a millionaire, but it will definitely lift you out of poverty. On another note, Kate’s example rings a bell with a book I read called “The Sum of Small Things”. The book says that the poor and the middle class spend a lot of money on tangible things like branded goods in an attempt to show their status. The rich, other than spending on branded good, are actually also paying a lot of attention on education, health care and child care. Because these are the intangible things that truly help them and their generations to stay in the upper class. Kate’s parents definitely are smart parents.

All elite women start somewhere. Kate Middleton’s transformation and life upgrade is a great example of this and a reminder to us all that anything is possible!

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All elite women start somewhere

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