CHILD TRAFFICKING HORRORS: Former CIA Officer along with eyewitness testimony confirms the horrors being committed against 8 million innocent children including sex slavery, rape, torture, Adrenochroming, organ harvesting, ritual murder and breeding for Pedophile predators.

How long do these innocent children survive within the child trafficking system? About 2 years, because they are raped so many times a day and because they are so abused they reach their expiration date in about 2 years and then they are killed with impunity or they are ritually murdered if that is what they were bred for. This is the greatest injustice of our time and few people know about it.

The CIA is heavily involved in child sex trafficking along with government officials, law enforcement, politicians, elites, churches and child services . It is a multibillion dollar business soon to surpass the illegal drug trade. Every year 8 million children are trafficked.

In the United States alone 800,000 children yearly go missing, in the United Kingdom that number is 230,000 yearly, in Germany it is 100,000 yearly and in Canada it is 50,000 missing children every year and the numbers are growing.

Worldwide it is estimated over 8 million children disappear and go missing every year without a trace. But they are not missing, they are being kidnapped, murdered, raped and tortured by sick individuals that we continue to allow to exist in our society. Pedophiles are the most evil people in the world because they prey upon the innocence of our children.

We as humanity should be outraged by these atrocities against our children. In the United States people are breeding children to sell them with no documentation which makes it easier to kill them. Children are being cut open while they are alive and their organs are being sold for up to $225,000 dollars.

Former CIA Officer confirms Pizzagate should be an eyeopener for the world. He goes on to say that there are Pedophiles at the highest levels of our government and inside our child protection services who facilitate child sex trafficking.

He warns that there is a great cause for alarm. The Elite appear to be seeking to infect local and provincial law enforcement officers with a taste for Pedophilia. There appears to be a very deliberate attempt to push this interest in Pedophile movies including movies that include beastiality. We are seeing movies where military men are raping children including toddlers. Evidence shows these movies may have come from Afghanistan from U.S. soldiers.

The center of gravity for taking down the Deep State is Pedophilia. Pedophilia is the induction glue of the Deep State. Pedophilia is how the Deep State recruits and controls its people, it is also the achilles heel of the Deep State. Once the public realizes that the government is not protecting their children, then everything else about the government will be called into question.

For change to happen in our world the American public needs to get angry, says former CIA Officer. If the American public gets angry we will stop supporting dictators overseas and we will close all our military bases. There are one thousand U.S. military bases around the world and they are not there for national defense, they are there to smuggle guns, cash, gold, drugs and small children.

U.S. Eyewitness testimony describes how the CIA used the MK-Ultra-RSA mind control program on her and her Mormon family for many years. The original CIA handler for her family may have been Josef Mengele brought over from Germany through the CIA Operation Paperclip.

Her true story is about generational incest, abuse, CIA child porn distribution and Satanic ritual families that have no idea what they are involved in on a conscience level. It’s about mind wipes, controlling those that have the most to offer, it’s about how the priesthood, sacred societies, freemasonry and satanic pedophiliac agenda is widely used to control governments, religions and local police to do their bidding.

The eyewitness survivor goes on to say that the darkness loves to hide behind the light and recalls what happened with a Mormon Bishop when she was a little girl. The Mormon Bishop attempted to rape, sacrifice and kill her little sisters in the Salt Lake City Utah Temple. What she saw and heard as a child traumatized her.

This is her testimony, she heard the screams of her little sisters in the basement tunnels of the Temple. When she got close to her sisters she could also hear a newborn baby crying and as soon as she got near the entrance of the room the baby suddenly stopped crying. She saw her little 8 year old sister placed on a black altar with a red table cloth. As she got closer to her little sister she saw the Bishop dressed in a black and red robe, he was cutting out the heart of the little baby she heard crying earlier. She was frozen in fear and saw the Bishop take a bite out of the baby’s heart that he just cut out. At that moment she and her sisters ran away, barely escaping with their lives.

Ritualistic child abuse is the most hideous of all child abuse. The basic objective is to systemically terrorize children until they are forced to disassociate. This disassociating process causes the child to develop a new personality which is useful to the abuser and the child can no longer remember the initial terror which is a protection for the abuser.

This has alway been about money and power she goes on to say, it’s about keeping the drug cartels, violent gangs, human trafficking sex trade, child trafficking, child porn industry and human slavery as alive and lucrative as possible.

To give you an idea of the large sums of money involved she explains that some children are used in snuff films and dissected live for organ harvesting for planned parenthood and their body parts sold to hospitals for $90,000 to $225,000 depending on the organ. Children with great DNA are also sold to families who are willing to buy them.

Many of us have heard of the excretion called Adrenochrome. The Satanist remove children’s adrenal glands right after they have been terrorized and right before they are killed in rituals to extract this liquid the Elites use to sustain their youth and extend their lives. All this is really happening to the most innocent of life, our precious innocent children.

They are suffering the most excruciating pain and being tortured in the worst possible ways. If we do nothing to stop this evil, we are guilty of these horrific atrocities. We must end this now.

Robert David Steele: former leading expert on child and human trafficking. I believe he was murdered in 2021 for gaining traction towards his work on exposing the groups and tactics behind the trafficking INDUSTRY.
Robert Steele was murdered shortly after putting this council together featured in the video.

Central banks are evil and a disgusting cartel here to screw us all!








Source Truth Justice

Central banks are evil and a disgusting cartel here to screw us all!

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