I can’t believe I got these clothes for cheap at Zara! They look so expensive!
Jet set babes are the people who have money to spend on expensive tastes. They are often seen in luxury boutiques and restaurants.

The phrase “jet set baby” was coined by socialites in the 1960s, who were wealthy and traveled extensively. Today, it has come to refer to a member of the affluent Slaylebrity school of affluence, a person with an expensive taste level that is above average. The jet set babe is someone who has an extravagant lifestyle and enjoys being extravagant.

Jet Set Babes are people who have money to spend on expensive tastes and enjoy extravagance. They can be seen in luxury boutiques or restaurants. Many people want to know how to look like Jet set babes for less so that they can level up quick in society and start making a lot of money like Slaylebrity Jet set babes.

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