These Hair gems by the Slay Network are to die for. Wear them to make with your slay my look outfit to make you the belle of the ball.
The great thing about hair gems is you don’t have to do anything elaborate with your hair as they are so exquisite it’s enough just to put them on and everyone will notice how fabulous you look

Amazing Sea Green Hair Gem

Just slick your hair back and fasten this with the pin provided, and wall you've glammed up your look.

Lovely hair Gem great for a wedding

Get it from

This hair Gem is a favorite, so romantic

Slay Angels know how to glam up their look with hair Gems

Get the hair Gem and hair units from

Obsessed with this one, so sultry and the makeup is just right

Makeup by Cass Concepts

These pieces will make you the belle of the ball

Outstanding one


Simple but Elegant

A Hair Gem in the making

Look at those sparkles

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