If you have the funds to drop on a private jet, odds are you’ll have some dough left over to fully customize the cabin. The options are as unlimited as your checking account, frankly. Want a huge bedroom? Gourmet kitchen? A screening room? It can all be arranged. 

Though, unless the Powerball Gods smile down upon you at some point, most of you will have to settle for dreaming. To grease your imagination, here are our top world’s most incredible private jet interiors.

First we start with the interior from the Video above. This look is perfect for those who love the business lounge vibe.

While it’s probably not wise to fly in the same plane as your entire corporate board, this spectacular room would be the ultimate place to host those lunch meetings. The comfy chairs alone would make any meeting suck significantly less.

Source The Thrillist

The Party Room Vibe

Rather than segment the cabin, this setup is perfect for letting loose a mile high. It's essentially a long narrow room in the sky. 

The Chess Master Suite

A fireplace?! On an airplane?!? Preposterous, right? Not when you have the money to engineer some crazy exhaust system. And keeping a chess board on hand is a wise move, as it can help you stay sharp while criss-crossing timezones, avoiding jet lag like Bobby Fisher avoided crowds.

The Tech Mogul's Den

Rocking clean lines and bright colors, this corporatized spread is ideal for pumping out a full day of work (or watching baby monkey videos on Facebook), with a fully connected suite of electronics to be in touch with your comrades on the ground at all times.

The Modernist Living Room Vibe

If it weren't for the ever-so-slightly curved walls and windows, you could easily mistake this cozy curvy lounge for a room in a classic mid-century modern home. Stay away from fragile accessories though, because, you know, turbulence.

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