THE most enchanting moments of every 24 hours is when the sun rises and when it sets.

Thailand’s sunrises and sunsets are every bit as spectacular as its beaches, reefs and rainforests. To watch an elaborate sunrise and sunset – nature’s extraordinary light shows – in Thai paradise is an experience most people are likely to talk about and share their images with family, friends and colleagues, plus the world through social media.

When the sun bows beautifully into the ocean and the skies burst with rich colours of red, orange, yellow, pink and even purple, time slows for many, especially those on holiday or vacation.
It’s a special time to witness and experience Thai twilight hues and all its glory.
It also pays to be camera ready!

The magic and the beauty of alluring sunrises and sunsets capture the human spirit in many ways.

Location Sri Panwa Resort

Source: Video

Stunning sunrises and sunsets

Location Phatong Beach

Source: By @tanya_s8

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