Italians have certainly mastered the art of living- family first, good food, good conversation, and a good dose of summer sun. There’s a strong work/life balance in Italy and the best of times are enjoyed as a family unit – the Italians really do know how to do it best!

Scenic Train Journeys
There are many scenic train journeys throughout the Itlaian countryside, but arguably the most impressive crosses through both Italy and Switzerland – the Bernina Express. The famous ‘red train’ begins in Tirano and makes it way to the international winter destination for the well-to-do, St Moritz.

Pasta & Pizza
It should go without saying that the key to anyone’s heart whilst in Italy (or EATaly)…. is food. Pasta and pizza are at the forefront but there’s plenty of other delicious eats to try throughout your stay. The safest bet? Wait for a table at any busy restaurant and put your choice in the hands of your waiter – they know best!

House Wine
 You sit down at a restaurant in Italy and are instantly greeted by a big smile from your Italian waiter, menus, and a good dose of house wine. The Italians know how to meet and greet properly that’s for sure!

If you don’t like gelati, there’s something wrong with you. Not only will you find the biggest range of gelati in Italy, but it will also undeniably be the best on offer. Be sure to try a number of gelati houses and a range of flavours because as they say…. “when in Rome!”

Inspiration that was enough to inspire Classics
Rome, oh Romeo. Italy has inspired many classics but for certain one of the most memorable of these is the classic love story itself – Romeo and Juliet. If you get a chance to visit Verona, it is not only where the balcony is located that inspired Shakespeare, but also a wonderful little city that should be explored at great length.

The Romance of Tuscany
Tuscany is certainly one of the world’s most romantic regions to visit. With the endless wineries, rolling hills, tuscan villas…. the list is endless. Base yourself in the capital of Tuscany, Florence, and explore the region from there or opt to stay in a villa and rent a car to make your way around the region.

The Canals of Venice
They say you should visit Venice at least once in your life and indeed, that is true. Just be sure to save your pennies well and truly in advance and prepare yourself (both mentally and physically) for lots of shoulder banging and waiting in lines. Apparently everyone else also has the same idea as you – visit Venice before it sinks!

The History of Rome: The Eternal City
They say “all roads lead to Rome”…
It’s incredibly difficult not to fall in love with Italy when your journey begins in Rome. Sure, it can be hot, dirty, smelly, and overcrowded… but there is so much incredible history to be explored and discovered on the streets of Rome that one can simply not go without visiting ancient Rome. Whether you’re gazing at the Colosseum from inside or out, posing for a photo with a gladiator, or throwing coins in the trevi fountain… Rome will inescapably grab you with it’s charm, history and character.

By World of Wanderlust

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