The first model of the Ramphos flying boat was made in 1998. Ramphos flying boats are easy to fly, even for non expert pilots. They can be used for leisure purposes, sight seeing tours, fishing activities, adventure journeys, search & rescue operations, sea & river patrol, light cargo delivery and special military operations. In 1999, commercial production started and until now 162 units have been sold in 31 different countries worldwide. No major accidents with Ramphos have been recordered so far. In 2017 massive production facilities will be implemented, in order to serve the fast-growing market, Asia in particular.

Ramphos flying boat models are extremely easy to operate even for non-expert pilots who can fly them safely. Depending on your pilot experience you can be educated within a few hours with our customized training program. Ramphos units need only simple maintenance, which can be performed by any mechanic. You do not have to be an aviation expert to maintain your own flying boat as long as you use the maintenance manual provied by us. Ramphos units are very affordable flying boats.
Enjoy the beauty of the sky, crystal water of the seas, and experience to be one with nature while flying Ramphos. It is an absolutely wonderful and safe flying boat that you must have.

A Wide range of models are available depending on your needs. Many different accessories are available. All the unit can be customized according to your preferences.


Two models are available, which can both be customized for different use according to your requirements. All our models are DULV / S-LSA certified. They can operate in windy conditions and rougher sea conditions. The frames are constructed of high quality aircraft grade stainless steel. The hulls are made of composite vacuum epoxy resin and are enforced by kevlar and carbon material. Available engines are the Rotax 503, Rotax 582 (two stroke) and Rotax 912 (four stroke).
Other features are: a composite propeller (2, 3 or 5 blades) and a Coach Wing 16.8 (quick foldable) or HZ 15S (foldable).
The models have been flight tested up to 525 kg takeoff weight and static tested +6 / -4 G force.
Water take off run is 7/10 seconds in less then 80 mt., with two persons on board. Landing run is less than 60 mt.
Land take off run is less then 60 mt. with two persons on board. Landing run is less than 90 mt.

The two models are:
* Hydro, which can operate only on a water surface. Dry weight is 198 kg.
* Amphibian, which can operate on any type of surface (land and water). Electrically operated landing gear is equipped with wide tires which can be used for sand and unprepared field operation. Dry weight is 224 kg,. While in water the gear can be extended in order to taxi out of the water directly on the coast.

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