Some garment pieces in wardrobe are forever these important pieces of clothing speak volumes about the choice, comfort and preference of an individual. Swimwear is one such clothing that gives character to the entire wardrobe. No matter what the occasion, a swimming costume can always serve its purpose, which is to infuse any event with fun and frolic. It could easily be said that swimwear is the single most important piece of clothing that has seen continuous revival for comfort of the wearer. Today there is a score of swimming dress available under luxury brands. The details, ideas and designs make these swimwear items exclusive and elite!

The styles available under high end brands are great with hand embroidered features, luxury beading, hardware features, and so much more. In fact, most of the designers working to make the perfect luxury swimwear believe that engineering a tiny swimsuit is more complicated than designing a dress. The features of the swimwear and comfort that it provides both hold extreme magnitude. The luxury brands in swimwear are expensive, but these brands pay a lot of attention on the minor details that the economical or inexpensive brands ignore. Most of the luxury brands in swimwear utilise cuts and prints to enhance the slimming effect and distract the onlooker. The material used to create the pieces is also exclusive quality material that gives a flattering fit to the wearer.

The luxury swimwear costumes also come with multiple uses. These can be used as nightwear as well, with comforts including sides that don’t cut into skin and is water-proof. The properties that the luxury swimwear is endowed with are responsible for the increased prices. A custom luxury swimwear from the prestigious British brand slay my beachwear can cost anywhere between $ 500 to $3000.

It is pertinent to note that a single swimwear can require up to five machines and the cost of fabric is almost the same as that of a clothing fabric. Unlike the ordinary swimwear, the luxury swimwear can easily withstand the challenges posed by salt, sand and chlorine in water.

Consumers no longer want to compromise with either the fit or the comfort and in such a scenario buying a luxury brand is the only option that they have.

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Featuring Specially Hand Embroidered and Embellished bikini with matching beach slippers.

colors: black or pink
Size/ XS- XXL/ UK 6-14
Slipper size: up to UK SIZE 10
Price: $2014
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

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When you no longer want to compromise look no further than slay my beachwear

Swimwear is one such clothing that gives character to the entire wardrobe

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